Xbox ensures that Call of Duty will remain available on PlayStation!

Currently, the giant in the technology industry, Microsoft, is trying to make an acquisition of the company Activision Blizzard, a game company based in Santa Monica, California. If the acquisition is fully successful, then Xbox (a Microsoft subsidiary) will be able to own/use dozens of games created by Activision. With this acquisition, Sony, which is Xbox’s biggest rival, is concerned if one of Activision’s flagship franchises, Call of Duty, will then become an Xbox-exclusive game in the future and not be available on PlayStation.

But that’s unlikely to happen, as Microsoft recently struck a deal with Sony to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation. Reporting from Phil Spencer’s (Xbox official) official Twitter, he confirmed that Microsoft and Sony had reached an agreement to continue releasing Call of Duty on the PlayStation despite Activision later being owned by Microsoft. However, it is not known how long the agreement will continue.

Previously, Microsoft had filed a lawsuit against the FTC that rejected the Activision acquisition. However, after a long trial of days, Microsoft managed to win the lawsuit, thus Microsoft obtained permission to acquire Activision. In fact, many companies are not happy with this acquisition. It is feared that Microsoft will control or monopolize the market, thus making competition unhealthy. Also, speaking of the Call of Duty game, a franchise that has a huge fan base.

Call of Duty itself is widely played on the PlayStation console. In fact, each year the number of Call of Duty gamers on consoles continues to grow. This acquisition, of course, is done by Microsoft to stay ahead of the competition against other companies. Especially now, Microsoft and Xbox are incessantly creating exclusive games to feature on Game Pass, which is their mainstay. There are several big games that will be available on Game Pass, such as Starfield, which will be released later this year. Will Microsoft acquire other game developers or publishers in the future? Let’s hope, geeks!

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