Will The Marvels introduce the love interest of Carol Danvers?

The Captain Marvel sequel The Marvels is likely to feature the love interest of Carol Danvers. The figure of Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, appears in her solo film, Captain Marvel, which was released in 2019. Carol is the strongest Avengers character in the MCU. The Captain Marvel movie presents the origin story of the MCU version of Carol Danvers, before she becomes involved in many major events.

Marvel Studios is currently all set to come up with a sequel to the movie, namely The Marvels. Based on previously known information, this film will present the story of Carol Danvers and her friends who travel from one planet to another. And what’s interesting is that, in addition to featuring Carol Danvers’ adventures, The Marvels will likely also feature her character’s love interest, Prince Yan.

This information came from a Twitter account that uploaded leaks of The Marvels merchandise at a fast food restaurant. The leak says that they will feature toys of various characters, including Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, Ms. Marvel, Photon, Photon, Goose, Dar-Benn, and Princess Carol. This seems to reinforce the role of the character of Prince Yan, which will be played by actor Park Seo-Joon, where it is possible that the film will adapt a comic story.

carol danvers love interest wonderland

The character of Prince Yan himself first appeared in the Captain Marvel Vol. 8 comic which was released in 2014. Yan is a prince from a new planet in the Marvel universe called Aladna. The appearance of the inhabitants of the planet Aladna was very striking, including Prince Yan. In the comic, Carol Danvers married Prince Yan for political reasons. Prince Yan himself has so far only appeared twice in his comics.

Based on this, there is a possibility that the writers of The Marvels will come up with different creativity related to the characters. Although the main point is that Yan is still married or in a romantic relationship with Carol Danvers, it could be that there are a number of things that the author later changed. On the other hand, this also gives a sign that Carol Danvers will become a princess on the planet Aldana. What would the romance between Yan and Carol Danvers be like then? Let’s look forward to it on November 10, Geeks!

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