Why do the Skrulls want to rule the Earth in Secret Invasion?

What is the reason why the Skrulls hatched a plan to invade Earth? Are they allies or the true villains?

Serial secret invasion launched on the Disney+ Hotstar streaming service a few weeks ago. It seems that this series brings back the creator of the Avengers, namely Nick Fury.

Played by Samuel L. Jackson, this time Fury is in a race against time to thwart the Skrull invasion and save humanity. He joins his allies, including Everett Ross, Maria Hill, and Skrull Talos, who have worked for themselves on Earth.

Why do the skrulls want to rule the earth in secret invasion 2?

So who are the Skrulls and why do they want to rule the Earth? See the explanation below:

What are the Skrulls?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the Skrulls are a highly sophisticated race of shape-shifting aliens. They are featured in the movie. captain marvel (2019) and later appeared in other MCU productions. In the MCU, the Skrulls differ in several ways from their comic counterparts.

MCU Skrulls have the ability to change appearance, taking the form of other creatures with incredible precision. They are technologically advanced, particularly in the areas of shapeshifting and illusion. The Skrulls themselves have a complicated relationship and history with the Kree, another alien race.

Following the events in captain marvel, when the Skrulls were suppressed, some Skrulls became refugees seeking refuge in various parts of the galaxy, including Earth. They are depicted as a group facing persecution and trying to hide their identity while integrating into the human population.

Why do the Skrulls want to invade Earth?

In Marvel Comics, the Skrulls have been interested in Earth for a long time. Their motivations for invading or infiltrating Earth have varied over the years, depending on the specific history and iterations of the Skrull nation.

The first reason is that the Skrulls want to expand their influence and acquire resources. Earth, with its advanced technology and teeming with unique superhumans, presents an opportunity for the Skrulls to gain power and control valuable assets.

Why do the skrulls want to rule the earth in secret invasion 3?

Additionally, Earth’s proximity to other major alien civilizations makes it an attractive target for the Skrulls to establish a foothold and expand their influence in the galaxy.

By infiltrating Earth, the Skrulls can gather intelligence, manipulate events, and potentially take control of important people or organizations. That in itself is due to the Skrull’s natural ability to shapeshift and mimic the appearance of other creatures. It was clear that they were highly skilled at infiltration and espionage.

On the other hand, the obvious reasons for the series secret invasion it’s because the Skrulls want a decent place to live. After Nick Fury left, they lost hope and slowly began to invade Earth.

This of course hurt Nick. In fact, he had promised to find a place to live for the Skrull nation. Unfortunately, the plan had been carefully prepared and the rebellion had already begun.

Will Nick Fury be able to stop this secret invasion? Watch series secret invasion on Disney+ Hotstar, every Wednesday.

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