Who are the players of Insidious: The Red Door?

In this fifth film, the character actor Dalton Lambert is an adult and is still played by Ty Simpkins.

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Blumhouse Productions presents the fifth film Insidious it will be the last film in the history of the Lambert family, which has always been haunted by the terror of terrifying entities, one of which is, of course, the iconic Lipstick Demon.

Insidious it first aired in 2010 and came to an end in this fifth movie, in this movie Patrick Wilson besides being the main star is also the director at the same time.

Curious to know who are the returning characters and who are new to the movie. Insidious: The Red Door? Come on, look below!

Patrick Wilson as Josh Lambert

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Patrick Wilson returns as Josh Lambert, who is also making his directorial debut. Josh struggles to connect with his eldest son, Dalton without the core memory (removed in the second film) that has formed an awkward personality.

The awkwardness is based on a feeling of unresolved anger and disappointment between the two men who have no idea what happened to them in the past.

Josh’s research into his family’s history, including mental illness, sets him on a fascinating path to self-discovery and redemption that compellingly portrays an emotionally distressed man fighting for his family.

Rose Byrne as Renai Lambert

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Rose Byrne once again plays the character of Renai Lambert, who since the beginning of the franchise has done a lot of emotional labor for the Lambert family.

The events of the last few movies have clearly affected Renai, who must sit with the knowledge of everything that happened while keeping the truth about her husband and eldest son’s abilities a secret for ten years. Byrne brings a lot of seriousness, sincerity and faith to her role.

Ty Simpkins as Dalton Lambert

insidious dalton
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Ty Simpkins returns to the role he played as a child, bringing with him a strong sense of character development as Dalton stands on the cusp of adulthood and begins the next chapter of his life.

Dalton pours much of his anxiety for his father into his art, and during a college art class, he accidentally loses himself and later draws a Red Door, inadvertently drawing the attention of a lurking demon. behind her.

As she begins an experimental journey into The Further without knowing the consequences, her search for answers brings her closer to Josh, as well as the Lipstick Demon.

Andrew Astor as Foster Lambert

foster within
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Foster Lambert was reprized by original actor Andrew Astor in the role, and Insidious: The Red Door gives middle brother Lambert a little more to do.

In previous movies, Foster has been very concerned about the behavior of those around him, especially Josh and Dalton, but in this outing he’s a little more prepared to help. Foster was Dalton’s most frequent contact at the university to talk about the strange things happening to him, and Foster shared a key memory that kept things going.

Juliana Davies as Kali Lambert

foster within
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Kali Lambert is just a baby in two movies Insidious first, but in insidious 5 Lambert’s youngest son was the same age as Dalton when he fell into a life-changing coma.

He is unaffected by all that has happened to the family over the years and has little recollection of the atrocities committed by his father while under the Black Bride’s influence. Renai had convinced her that every scary memory about her father was just a bad dream.

Sinclair Daniel as Chris Winslow

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Chris Winslow is Dalton’s former roommate, due to his masculine-sounding name. The two then became friends and talked about who was the weirder person.

Chris’s presence not only supports Dalton’s journey well in playing his only close friend from college, but also creates his own character with a very interesting personality to watch and root for.

Lin Shaye as Elise Rainer

insidious elisa
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no movies Insidious that would be complete without the presence of the fearless Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye), a paranormal expert who has been with the franchise since its inception. They search for him due to Lorraine Lambert’s desperation when her son Josh suffers from night terrors after entering The Further.

Then, he also came back to help Dalton, who was experiencing the same thing. Despite the fact that the possessed Josh kills him in the end. Insidious, Elise remains present as a spiritual guide in Insidious: Chapter 2and as a psychic in Insidious: Chapter 3 AND Insidious: The Last Key.

Then for Insidious: The Red DoorElise was present with her brief appearance when she met Josh after the red door was successfully closed.

How are you guys? Do you already know who are the characters that are back and also the new characters that play as supports? don’t forget to look Insidious: The Red Door will be screened in all Indonesian cinemas on July 12.

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