Where did G’iah’s healing factor gene come from in Secret Invasion?

secret invasion Episode 4 just aired on Disney+. In one of the important scenes, it is revealed that G’iah, who was thought to have died at the end of episode 3, actually came back to life. The reason is none other than because this female Skrull who is the daughter of Talos has a genetic healing factor that makes it difficult for her to die. In other words, G’iah proved capable of surviving a fatal blow that should have killed an ordinary Skrull. What is the secret? In this discussion, we will explain when and where G’iah obtained the healing factor gene from secret invasion. so check this out!

G’iah is a Super Skrull

Before discussing where G’iah got the healing factor gene from in secret invasionLet’s rewind a bit to the events at the end of episode 3. In the episode that aired last week, G’iah initially received a call from his father Talos to immediately leave the Skrull rebel base run by Gravik. The reason is because his life is greatly threatened after Gravik finds out about G’iah’s role as a double agent. Unfortunately, as he tried to escape, he was intercepted by Gravik, who decided to get rid of G’iah by shooting him in the chest.

g'iah healing factor Secret Invasion

Although G’iah was seen lying on the ground and turning into his Skrull form, which usually marks the death of a Skrull, at first secret invasion episode 4 which aired yesterday, he seemed able to rise from his death with the ability of the healing factor. At the same time, it was also revealed that the origin of the healing factor gene he had came from an experiment that Super Skrull himself applied to his body. As we know from previous episodes, Gravik is preparing Super Skrull troops in the rebel Skrull lab to anticipate the Avengers.

Just before escaping, G’iah turns into a Super Skrull. And the super DNA sample that he put into his own body is none other than the Extremis virus that was first told in the movie. Iron Man 3. It was due to the Extermis DNA in his body that G’iah, who had been shot by Gravik and thought to be dead, was able to heal his own injuries and appeared to rise from the dead. From this incident we can conclude that G’iah is now a Super Skrull in the series. secret invasion etc

The Extremis virus in the MCU

As a reminder, in the MCU itself, Extremis is actually an artificial virus that was first discovered by scientist Maya Hansen and supervillain Aldrich Killian at some point in the movie. Iron Man 3. Long story short, Aldrich, who managed to exploit his findings, decided to use Extremis on his own body through genetic engineering. Where Extremis allows him to heal and regenerate from fatal physical injuries, abnormalities, and even mind damage. Even more amazing, Extremis can also regenerate body parts that have been amputated or destroyed.

I don’t know how the story is after the incident. Iron Man 3, where Tony Stark aka Iron Man managed to beat Aldrich Killian, Gravik apparently managed to secretly collect Extremis samples in the series. secret invasion. What is clear is that Gravik and the rogue Skrulls have been running harvesting missions that aim to collect super DNA on Earth. Through a sophisticated tool at the Skrull rebels’ headquarters, in the end, Extremis’s DNA can be used to transform ordinary Skrulls like G’iah into Super Skrulls with healing factor powers in secret invasion.

Other potential strengths

Now, with the reveal of G’iah’s status as a Super Skrull with healing factor powers, it’s not impossible. secret invasion Later episodes will reveal the potential power of other Extremis he has. Remembering that in the MCU itself, in addition to the healing factor, Extremis also provides great strength and stamina to its users. In rarer cases, if Extremis matches the user’s DNA, then the person can manipulate their body heat into extremely lethal external energy.

g'iah healing factor Secret Invasion

on the scene in secret invasion, when G’iah transferred Extremis’s DNA, it was seen on the Skrull lab’s screen that, in addition to the healing factor, the “thermal force” ability was also transferred into his body. That meant that if he mastered his new ability, it would be possible for G’iah’s body to radiate an extremely high amount of heat. Even if he wanted to, he breathed fire that could melt things around him, just like Aldrich Killian.

Thus, the discussion of when and where the G’iah healing factor gene or ability came from secret invasion. If only G’iah hadn’t made the sudden decision to become a Super Skrull, he might have already died after being shot by Gravik. And luckily, he prefers Extremis DNA to other super DNAs. We will see how his strength develops in secret. secret invasion only two episodes left. Episodes 5 and 6 are scheduled to air on July 19 and 26 respectively, only on Disney+.

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