What happened to the planet Skrullos in Secret Invasion?

After a long absence, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) returns to Earth and faces a new threat from the Skrulls.

For more than 3 decades, the Skrull race that fled to Earth lived in hiding in peace. But this peace is in danger of being lost after the Skrulls’ young leader Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adair) moves the Skrulls to earth to claim the land as their new home.

As a result of this revolutionary move, Fury’s old ally Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) was ousted and Gravik was appointed the new Skrull General. Gravik started the revolution by pushing the US and Russia into a new war.

in episode 2 secret invasion, Nick Fury and Talos are on the run after the attacks in Moscow and the murder of Maria Hill (Colbie Smulders). During a train ride, Talos reveals what happened to his home planet of Skrullos.

In the Kree-Skrull war, after the Skrulls were no longer able to resist the Kree attack, millions of the Skrull race immediately fled from the Skrullos and scattered to various places in the galaxy. Meanwhile, the Kree destroy the Skrullos for good.

And since then the Kree have hunted down and killed Skrulls who have taken refuge in various places. The Skrullos would have been destroyed by the events of the film captain marvel it happened, considering that at the beginning of the film the Skrulls had become refugees and the colony where Talos lived was on a planet close to the Kree homeworld of Torfa.

Talos then reveals what happened during the Blip when Fury was the one to go missing during that event. Talos summons the fleeing Skrulls to come to Earth as a place of refuge.

Since then nearly a million Skrulls have come and settled on Earth, perhaps even more than you might expect.

This is a very dangerous thing to do considering Gravik is good at inciting his fellow Krulls to rise up and invade earth, because Gravik thinks that Nick Fury and Captain Marvel can no longer keep their promise to find a new home for the Skrull nation.

With no home to make their new home and the possibility that humanity may not be able to peacefully coexist with the Skrulls, Talos and Fury’s efforts to find the right solution are at a standstill.

It will be interesting to know the final destination of the Skrulls in this Secret Invasion.

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