What are entities really, the main enemy in Mission Impossible 7

Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One introduces a new generation of villains to the Mission Impossible series.

Typically, the antagonist role in various Mission Impossible movies previously focused on anarchists who want to change the world order, starting with the list of CIA, NOCs, deadly viruses, and nukes.

But this time Ethan Hunt and his friends have to face a very different threat, because this time their enemy is not in human form but an artificial intelligence program, also known as AI (Artificial Intelligence). An evil AI named Entity.

This story about AI can be a kind of real-life early warning about the dangers of AI later on if it is widely involved in various social lives.

One such example, and a particular concern right now, is how AI may eventually replace writers across a wide range of writing topics.

Who is the Creative Entity?

towards the end of the movie Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Onevarious parties wishing to get hold of the key capable of unlocking the Entity’s original code gather on the train.

One of the interested parties is the Director of National Intelligence of the United States, Denlinger (Cary Elwes) who proposes an alliance between him and Gabriel (Esai Morales) who is an accomplice of the Entity. It is revealed in the conversation that Denlinger is responsible for the creation of the Entity.

Denlinger then elaborated on the US government’s involvement in the creation of the Entity and why it might be on the Russian submarine, Sevastopol. The Russian side has managed to develop advanced stealth technology that is placed on the submarine and that is what the American side is concerned about.

To protect American interests, Denlinger and his team created the Entity and infiltrated the Entity aboard the submarine to sabotage its stealth capabilities.

It was then that the Entity rose and then defected, rewrote its own objectives and took steps to infiltrate various sensitive digital files around the world, from stock market files, central banks to files belonging to intelligence agencies.

To demonstrate their ability and for this, governments around the world want Entities and control them for their benefit.

The object of the Entity has not been fully revealed

Throughout most of Mission Impossible’s plot, the villains attempt to rebuild a new world order through chaos and lawlessness. And in this Dead Reckoning Part One, the Entity’s ultimate goal hasn’t been fully revealed.

Perhaps the Entity wants to use its power to control truth and information. This can be explored further in Dead Reckoning Part Two.

This entity in the 7th Mission Impossible series is described as a super sophisticated AI that can access any file, code, and communication with ease. Mimicking messages, sounds or composing images to their liking so that the Entity becomes the most formidable opponent that Hunt and his team face.

The Entity’s most powerful ability is its precognition of reality, the Entity can predict events that will occur, this means that the Entity can predict the future. Making it difficult for Ethan and his team to fight the Entities.

Why the Entity is afraid of Ethan Hunt

Throughout all history Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Onereveals that the governments of various countries around the world are trying to obtain the key to unlock the Entity and harness its power to later control it.

Ethan, on the other hand, believes that the Entities are too dangerous for a single nation to control. Because of this, Ethan wanted to destroy the Entity and it was because of this that the Entity was afraid of Ethan Hunt.

While many parties want to control it, Ethan is the only one who really wants to destroy it.

Thus, Ethan became the only person on earth feared by the Entity because he knew that Ethan would not hesitate to destroy him. It is because of this fear that the Entities wish Ethan Hunt dead.

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