Twisted Metal releases trailer, ridiculous, chaos and brutal!

Adapted from the popular video game franchise titled twisted metal, Peacock will soon be bringing brutal vehicle-to-vehicle combat to his broadcast channel. This live action series that will have an adult rating will be animated by Anthony Mackie as the main character named John Doe, then Will Arnett with Samoa Joe as the villainous Sweet Tooth and many more. Now, before the broadcast of the series, twisted metal finally released the action-comedy packed premiere trailer.

For those unfamiliar with the video game, basically twisted metal itself tells the story of the tank battle in a post-apocalyptic world. Based on the official synopsis of the live action version, we will later see John Doe’s struggle to complete the mission of delivering a secret package in order to survive. But in the process, he’ll interact with other brutal horsemen, including Sweet Tooth, Quiet (Stephanie Beatriz), Raven (Neve Campbell), Agent Stone (Thomas Haden Church), and Loud (Richard Cabral).

twisted metal trailers

Through this latest trailer, we can finally see what each character is like. twisted metal, which turned out to be not very accurate with the version of the game, but still quite promising to see. Aside from Mackie’s John Doe character, who was confirmed to be a black male early on, Raven’s character also doesn’t appear to be wearing gothic makeup like in-game.

Still towards the end of the trailer. twisted metal at least we will be able to see scenes full of action and explosions, as well as various vehicles equipped with lethal weapons. These include Sweet Tooth’s clown ice cream car equipped with a machine gun, Agent Stone’s car that appears to have a rocket launcher, and John Doe’s flagship sedan called the Roadkill, also known as a street crasher. Not to mention the various typical video game locations that will attempt to feature in the live-action series later on.

Besides Sweet Tooth and John Doe, there are many more interesting characters. twisted metal which is also glimpsed in the first trailer. Like Chelle Ramos’ Jamie Roberts who drives the Outlaw-2 car and Tahj Vaughans’ Mike and Stu and Mike Mitchell who drive the bigfoot Hammerhead truck in the game. The good news is that we will be able to see the actions of all these characters in ten episodes. twisted metal Premiere on July 27.

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