Tron 3 Movie Gets Joker Actor!

After successfully going through a very long development phase, the film project thunder 3 alias Tron: Ares finally starting to move forward again with some interesting update news. Continuation of the story of the film. thunder (1982) and tron: legacy (2010) is sure to star actor Jared Leto, who once played the Joker in the DCEU movie universe. Well, now, according to a recent film report. thunder 3 I just reconnected with another Joker actor from the series Gotham citynamely Cameron Monaghan.

News of Monaghan’s involvement comes shortly after Disney tapped director Joachim Ronning to work on the film. thunder 3. It was also revealed a while ago that in addition to Jared Leto, the film will be joined by other talented actors such as Evan Peters as the villain, along with Jodie Turner-Smith and Greta Lee for roles that have yet to be revealed. Where the premise of the movie itself will tell the story of a living program named Ares who finally finds a way to appear in the human world.

tron actor 3

According to the latest report of DeadlineActor Cameron Monaghan has officially joined the cast thunder 3. Unfortunately, for now it is still unknown which character will be played by Monaghan, because details about the movie are still being kept under wraps by Disney as the film company that oversees the franchise. thunder. What is clear is that his involvement has indirectly shown that Disney is beginning to take the project seriously. thunder 3 which sooner or later will soon start its production.

speaking of production thunder 3via the creator’s latest interview session thunder Steven Lisberger revealed that the filmmakers involved in the film are currently working very hard. “Currently, the Tron team is working hard, they always work hard. So that has to happen. My goal is very similar to the role of Obi-Wan in Star Wars, which is to say, a phrase that has to have an impact. I try to say something useful for them, without going too deep.” he said.

With the participation of actor Cameron Monaghan as part of the cast, as well as direct supervision by the original creators, the film thunder 3 seems very worth anticipating. Furthermore, Monaghan himself is a gifted actor whose acting quality is no longer in question. While we await the announcement of the release schedule, we will continue to monitor how news about the film develops. thunder 3 here it is, geeks.

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