Top 9 Unofficial Movie Sequels, There’s Titanic 2!

As the name suggests, fan made movies or movies. not official it’s basically the work of fans trying to tell a follow-up story to an official franchise that already existed before. Although not recognized as a canon aka official part of the main story, many of the films not official which actually managed to attract the attention of fans of the original franchise. where is the movie not official which acts as a sequel should be appreciated for the creativity and dedication of the creators. The following are nine sequel films. not official the best with a good story and worth seeing!

The Slaves (1962)

In 1960, the war movie to the gladiator titled Spartacus from legendary director Stanley Kubrick ends with a story in which the main character dies. Even so, two years later, fans got one of the sequel movies. not official best telling of the story of the fictional son of Spartacus. Coming from an Italian director named Sergio Corbucci, the film is titled The slaves tells the adventures of Randal, who initially worked for the ancient Roman empire, but eventually realized that only he could continue his father’s mission to overthrow the tyrannical government.

Zombies 2 (1979)

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zombies 2 It is a movie not official next, which acts as a sequel to one of the best zombie movies of its time, viz. Dawn of the Dead (1978). The story itself continues the events of director George A. Romero’s original film with corpses from the Caribbean islands constantly rising up like man-eating zombies. Although there are differences in the quality of the cinematography and zombie makeup, overall this movie is worth a watch for fans who may miss out on the brutal and gruesome scenes of the original franchise.

Aliens 2: On Earth (1980)

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From the title alone we can already guess that Aliens 2: On Earth It is a movie not official trying to continue the story aliens (1986) by director James Cameron in his style. Where the invading alien nation is said to have managed to reach Earth as the ending that hung in the original movie. Like aliens, This Italian film from directors Ciro Ippolito and Biagio Proietti centers on a tough female character who accidentally finds an alien egg in a cave. In the end she managed to eliminate the aliens despite the fact that the sacrifice she made was very great.

Never Say Never Again (1983)

Although it was released by the giant film company Warner Bros., never say never again it is actually a non-canonical James Bond film that is not an official release from EON-Productions. That is why the film, starring actor Sean Connery, can also be called a sequel. not official best of his time. Adapted from the novel titled thunder Created by Ian Fleming, this film tells of an old version of James Bond who trusts his brain more than violence. Despite its non-canonical status, not a few fans prefer this unofficial version.

Terminator II (1989)

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when the movie terminators Directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, released in 1984, the world of science fiction cinema in Hollywood finally recognized a new concept related to AI and intelligent robots that perhaps had never existed before. Well, oddly enough, when the original franchise was just released Terminator 2: Judgment Day in 1991, a sequel not official qualification terminator ii it was released two years earlier. This movie continues the adventures of Sarah Connor who has to fight monsters and terminators, before finally going to the future.

Happily Ever After (1989)

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After more than five decades have passed since the premiere of animated films Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937) by Disney, a sequel not official qualification Happy forever trying to continue the Snow White story with a pretty creative premise. Where Snow White and the Prince who were about to get married were disturbed by the Evil Queen’s brother named Lord Maliss. In the process they are assisted by the dwarves aka midgets who this time are described as women called Dwarfelles. Although it was sued by Disney, this film released its video game adaptation in 1994.

My Blue Sky (1990)

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my blue sky it’s a sequel not official who tries to continue the story of Henry Hill’s character from gangster movies Good boys (1990). Unlike the original version that director Martin Scorsese worked on, this movie actually has very few scenes of violence. Because the story itself focuses more on Henry’s everyday life, which is full of comedy. He where he just got a secret government residence, which forces him to live surrounded by loved ones.

Titanic II (2002)

who doesn’t know about movies Titanic (1997) by director James Cameron? The best romantic movie that tells the story of Jack and Rose’s love in the midst of a sinking ship disaster, apparently never had a sequel. not official qualification TitanicII. This film from home studio The Asylum is set a century after the Titanic crash. Where a more modern ship takes a reverse route until she finally sinks due to global warming. Beyond the plot that may sound ridiculous, the casting of this film was especially praised for the performance of the main characters.

My Cheeky Girl 2 (2010)

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Released in 2001, my cheeky girl It is a complete package of South Korean drama movies in which there are many humorous and touching scenes. So far, the film itself has been officially adapted by various foreign filmmakers, including Indonesia. Uniquely, none of them have been as bold as the Chinese filmmakers in releasing sequels. not official qualification My daring girl 2. Where the two main characters try to disrupt the marriage of the first with typical scenes my cheeky girl innocent and ticklish.

there are nine movies not official better than acting as a sequel to the pre-existing hit franchise. We should note that these movies may not be freely released due to copyright and legal limitations. Even so, the spirit of creativity and dedication of the filmmakers to their film franchises still deserves our thumbs up. Because it’s not uncommon for the story to be even more interesting than the sequel to the original franchise.

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