Top 7 Abimana Aryasatya Movies

After appearing in the Marriage with Benefits series, here is a list of the 7 best Abimana Aryasatya movies

Who are the movie lovers who don’t know the name Abimana Aryasatya? Starting his career from the 90s, this senior actor has starred in many popular titles and won several awards.

Recently, Abimana has been entrusted as the male lead of the series. Marriage with Benefits along with Jessica Milla. As ahjussi Korea, is also highly praised by fans.

Serial though Marriage with Benefits When done, here is a list of 7 best Abimana Aryasatya movies that you can watch. Anything, huh?

saturday with dad

saturday with dad is a 2016 Indonesian drama film starring Ira Wibowo, Abimana Aryasatya, Arifin Putra and Deva Mahenra.

Top 7 Abhimana Aryasatya Movies
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Gunawan (Abimana Aryasatya) has a wife, Itje (Ira Wibowo), and two young children: Satya and Cakra. Their lives changed when Gunawan discovered that he only had one year to live. Gunawan decided that death should not limit him from loving his two children. He made many recordings containing messages for his two children. After Gunawan passed away, Itje, his wife, decided that the two boys could see their father once a week, every Saturday.

This film describes the journey of forgiveness, the strength of family, and the importance of appreciating the time we spend with loved ones. The film also looks at family values, communication, and courage in the face of difficult times.


Top 7 Abhimana Aryasatya Movies
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This film is an adaptation of the popular Indonesian comic of the same title, first published in 1969 by Harya “Hasmi” Suraminata. Directed by Joko Anwar, this film follows the story of Sancaka, an orphan growing up in poverty and violence.

Sancaka, as an adult, is played by Abimana Aryasatya. He has a superhuman ability that appears when he is struck by lightning, giving him above average strength and agility. Sancaka uses his powers to fight crime and injustice in Indonesia, becoming the superhero known as Gundala.

In the midst of his fight against crime, Gundala has to deal with a powerful criminal organization and rampant corruption in his country. In his quest to defend the truth, Gundala must face powerful enemies, including a reappearing enemy from his past.

Warkop DKI Reborn: Boss Jangkrik Part 1

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This Indonesian comedy was released in 2016 and is restart or a remake of the legendary Warkop DKI comedy film series popular in the 1980s. Directed by Anggy Umbara, Warkop DKI reborn bringing back the original Warkop DKI wackiness and humor.

The synopsis of this film follows the lives of three best friends: Dono (Abimana Aryasatya), Kasino (Vino G. Bastian) and Indro (Tora Sudiro).

They are three young people who live in the city of Jakarta and want to succeed. However, their lives change when they find an inheritance from a billionaire named Bossman (Indro Warkop).

the big 4

This action comedy movie stars Abimana Aryasatya, Putri Marino, Arie Kriting, Lutesha and Kristo Immanuel with various exciting actions mixed with entertaining touch of comedy.

Top 7 Abhimana Aryasatya Movies

the big 4 follows a law-abiding detective investigating the death of his father and following a trail to a tropical island. There he discovers the true identity of his father as the leader of a group of assassins.

Now, hunted by his father’s enemies, the detective is forced to work with his father’s former students, four former assassins who are ready to return to root out the enemy.

This movie also stars Marthino Lio, Budi Ros, Donny Damara, Michelle Tahalea, Willem Bevers, Andri Mashadi, Michael Kho and other well known actors.

99 lights in the European sky

Top 7 Abhimana Aryasatya Movies
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99 lights in the European sky tells the journey of an Indonesian student named Hanum (Acha Septriasa) who has the opportunity to study in Europe. He discovered a different life and culture than he was used to in Indonesia. Hanum is found in two European countries, namely Türkiye and Austria. There, he meets a young teacher named Rangga (Abimana Aryasatya) who helps him navigate a new life and culture.

Hanum and Rangga experienced various adventures and challenges during their trip across Europe. They visited several iconic places, such as the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Furthermore, they also interact with the local community and learn about religious values, tolerance and friendship.

3: Alif, Lam, Mim

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Alif, Lam and Mim are three friends from the same silat school who grew up together in the Al-Ikhlas hermitage. Alif (Cornelius Sunny), who is upright and strict in his attitude, chooses to become a state apparatus. He is determined to eradicate all forms of crime and find the murderers of his parents. Lam (Abimana Aryasatya), whose demeanor is more calm, becomes a journalist. She aims to spread the truth and put herself in the eyes of the people.

Meanwhile, Mim (Agus Kuncoro), who is wise, chooses to serve as a teacher and stays in a hermitage. The three met after there was chaos following a bomb explosion at a cafe.

Alif, Lam and Mim are forced to fight each other to defend and fight for their own truth, while continuing to protect their families and the people they respect and love.

Wiro Sabeng: Dragon Geni 212 Death Ax Warrior

Wiro Sableng (Vino G. Bastian) is a swordsman with a fun and passionate personality. Together with his best friend Anggini (Sherina Munaf), Wiro Sableng is involved in a mission to uncover an evil conspiracy in the world of martial arts.

Top 7 Abimana Aryasatya Movies
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In his adventures, Wiro Sableng meets several interesting and dangerous characters. He has to face tough enemies who want to master the mystical power of the Geni 212 Dragon Death Axe. The ax has extraordinary power and can destroy everything.

Wiro Sableng uses his martial arts skills and various traditional weapons against his enemies. He is also accompanied by magic spells given to him by his teacher, Sinto Gendeng (Ruth Marini). On his journey, Wiro Sableng learns about courage, justice, and self-confidence.

Those are the 7 best Abimana Aryasatya movies you can watch. Which one does Cilers like best?

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