This is the origin of Honesty Impact Coby!

The latest chapter of the One Piece manga introduced us to Coby’s ‘Honesty Impact’ technique and the origin of this power. The last chapter of yesterday showed the climax of the story from the moment of saving Coby from Beehive Island. In the chapter, it is shown how the situation got complicated after Monkey D Garp fell due to Shiryu’s earlier attack.

Coby, Grus and Helmeppo fight to survive there. And the climax is when they try to escape from the island on Garp’s orders. The interesting thing is at that moment when it was shown how Coby emitted a very powerful new technique called ‘Honesty Impact’. So where did the impact of Coby’s honesty come from?

Garp-type attack

Honesty Impact is the last powerful move Coby displays when attempting to destroy the Beehive Island arm controlled by Pizzaro. At that moment, Garp gave Coby the order to destroy or blow up the island arm of the Beehive. The reason is that the arm was about to hit Garp’s ship which contained other marines and also civil society.

Prince Grus himself had asked Coby why then Garp ordered him to destroy the arm. However, Coby himself does not know or understand why Garp ordered this. However, Coby himself admits that he will think of something to stop Pizarro’s arm. And finally we see something extraordinary.

At that moment, Coby jumped into his arms and immediately launched a powerful punch called ‘Honesty Impact’. This attack was so powerful that it caused Avalo Pizzaro’s real arm to hurt and even get injured. Pizzaro felt this effect when Garp used Galaxy Divide to destroy the surface of Beehive Island.

honesty coby impact

Prince Grus and the others did not seem to believe what Coby had just presented. They were completely in awe of Coby’s powerful force that was capable of destroying mountain-sized targets. From what is presented in the story, Coby’s Honesty Impact punching technique is similar to some of Garp’s punching techniques.

An example is Galaxy Impact or Galaxy Divide. It’s just that, even though Coby’s attack was devastating, the scale of the destruction was still under Garp’s attack. What’s also interesting is that Coby managed to layer his attacks with Conqueror’s Haki just like Garp. This can be seen in the black flash around Coby’s punch before touching Pizzaro’s arm. So how Coby can awaken Haki is of course very extraordinary.

Origin of Honesty Impact Coby

So where did the impact of Coby’s honesty come from? So how could he perform the technique? As it turned out, Coby mimicked what Garp and Aokiji did, namely practicing punches on used warships which they turned into punching bags. There is a brief moment where Garp seems to be smiling and confident in Coby’s abilities after he uses Galaxy Divide to destroy the face of Beehive Island.

Then there is a flashback moment when Garp was training Coby. At the time of the flashback, it is shown how Garp had felt something strange about Coby. He asked Helmeppo why when he trained with Garp his arm was always covered in bandages and his shoulder seemed to be in pain. Helmeppo himself later explained that Coby had been training extraordinarily hard.

Coby realizes that he has no strength or fighting ability. Therefore, he trained 100 to 200 times harder than usual. In fact, Coby also practiced more when he and Helmeppo were under Garp’s tutelage. What’s interesting is that Helmeppo later said that Coby followed in Garp and Aokiji’s footsteps to make his punching bag out of an old battleship.

So in conclusion, Honesty Impact is a Coby hit that can destroy targets as big as mountains. This was able to happen because Coby trained very hard and followed in the footsteps of Garp and Aokiji. Although the level of destruction is still not as great as Garp’s, it’s not impossible for Coby to match or even surpass Garp’s achievements.

On the other hand, this Honesty Impact also seems to have again shown what Brannew revealed yesterday in chapter 1087, where all the awesomeness that Garp and Aokiji have is not innate. They trained him hard so that he could finally become as strong as he is now. With Garp’s fate uncertain, it’s certainly interesting to see how Coby reacts next.

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