This is the devil fruit, the fear of Gorosei!

Aside from the devil fruit Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, there are also other devil fruits that the Gorosei fear. In One Piece’s story, a surprising fact emerges at the end of the Wano arc where it turns out that the devil fruit we’ve known as Gomu Gomu isn’t actually his real name.

The true name of this devil fruit is Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. This devil fruit seems to be one of the things that scares the Gorosei. The reason is that they say that this devil fruit has the most powerful power in the world, so they need to change it. However, there might be another devil fruit that the Gorosei fear as well.

Yami Yami Devil Fruit feared by the Gorosei

Geeks, of course, already know about the Yami Yami devil fruit. This is a Logia-type Devil Fruit, where the user can control darkness. Marshall D Teach, also known as Blackbeard, is the owner of this devil fruit. He got it after killing his partner, Thatch, who got it first. So far, there haven’t been many Yami Yami abilities that have been featured in One Piece’s lore.

However, there are several other abilities that users have featured. For example, the Black Vortex technique where he will create a black vortex capable of attracting his enemies towards Blackbeard. In Blackbeard’s fight against Ace, it was shown how Ace couldn’t do anything when he used this technique that left him injured.

Blackbeard can also “neutralize” his enemy’s devil fruit power by absorbing it into darkness. And what is extraordinary is that the Black Hole technique is capable of absorbing anything into the black hole that he creates. Although Oda Sensei rarely shows Blackbeard using this technique, that doesn’t mean his devil fruit isn’t dangerous.

Gorosei feared the devil fruit

We have seen how Nika’s devil fruit awakening is extraordinary. Of course, we still don’t know if Blackbeard has awakened her powers. However, when he managed to do so, there was a lot of speculation among fans that Yami Yami’s devil fruit awesomeness could be a major threat to the Gorosei. In fact, not just for the Gorosei, the threat could also be for the entire world.

In this case, the genius of Yami Yami’s dark power could engulf or destroy the entire earth, which would be very terrible. This may also be why Blackbeard is targeted by Im, in addition to Luffy, Shirahoshi, and Vivi. He probably knows what Yami Yami’s great potential is and why then she becomes a threat.

Become Nika’s balanced opponent

Fans have long been speculating that they suspect that Blackbeard will be the last opponent Monkey D Luffy will face in the One Piece story. It is also known that Blackbeard wishes to go to Laugh Tale and take the title of pirate king. That’s why he started stealing Road Poneglyphs from Trafalgar Law.

There is some interesting speculation that Blackbeard might give Luffy a hard time in their fight. What difficulty are you referring to in his speculation? Blackbeard is expected to be able to suppress Luffy’s Nika Devil Fruit power, thanks to the Yami Yami no Mi power he has. Furthermore, Yami Yami is capable of absorbing the power of the opponent’s devil fruit.

Gorosei feared the devil fruit

Nika’s devil fruit may have the most terrible power in the world, as revealed by Gorosei. However, with Yami Yami no Mi’s ability to neutralize or absorb devil fruit powers, this will of course make it difficult for Luffy to take on Blackbeard. Since Blackbeard is supposed to have managed to neutralize Luffy’s Hito Hito no Mi power, Model: Nika, this means that Luffy has to fight Blackbeard harder.

This fight against Blackbeard could be the biggest fight in One Piece history, surpassing the time of Roger and Whitebeard’s fight or the events of God Valley. Luffy is forced to use all the power he has, including his devil fruit power. In fact, we may see the use of the Gear 5 and even the Gear 6 that many fans are talking about.

Nika Able to “Erase” Yami Yami

Nika’s Devil Fruit also seems to be the only Devil Fruit that can match Yami Yami’s awesomeness. And the interesting thing is that there is a theory that appeared among the fans some time ago. In theory, it is explained that Nika’s devil fruit will have a similar ability to Yami yami, namely “erasing” her opponent’s devil fruit power.

The theory explains that this comes from the word “Gomu” which in Japanese means rubber. The rubber itself, according to his explanation, is “a material made from rubber latex that comes from rubber trees and is rich in elasticity. Sulfur is also added and used together with rubber for various industrial and daily uses. In Currently, synthetic rubber that is manufactured from petroleum has also appeared.

An interesting keyword is ‘brimstone’, which might be why Oda always gives Luffy extra fire on every attack when he’s in the New World. The reason is that, in the real world, Sulfur is often identified with fire. An example is the Red Hawk that is part of Gear 4 Luffy or also the Red Roc technique.

Rubber is also often used as a material to make erasers and this is also part of the theory that Luffy could “erase” Yami Yami’s power in his fight against Blackbeard. So if Blackbeard can absorb Luffy’s power, then Luffy will be able to erase Blackbeard’s power.

Although the theory sounds strange, this is not the first time that a devil fruit in One Piece lore has strange powers. For example, Kalifa’s devil fruit, which is capable of “cleansing” or “washing” people, just like Tsuru. Or Doflamingo’s ability to control things using his strings. Of course, it will be very interesting if in the final battle, Luffy and Blackbeard use their best abilities and then fight each other without any devil fruit abilities. What do you think?

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