This is how G’iah came back to life in Secret Invasion!

Secret Invasion Episode 3 brought a big surprise by featuring G’iah’s death, but there is a way to bring him back to life. The figure of G’iah in Secret Invasion is one of the important characters in this series. As explained in the previous two episodes, G’iah is the daughter of Talos and Soren who decided to join the rebellion with Gravik.

In these two episodes, we also see how G’iah’s role is very important in the Skrull rebel group. He assists in various operations Gravik runs, but becomes a double agent helping his father dig up important information. And in episode three of Secret Invasion, G’iah must experience bad luck for what he did.

G’iah’s death

In Secret Invasion episode 3, G’iah seems to have begun to shake with his faith in Gravik and the Skrull rebel group. He also tried to help what Nick Fury and his father, Talos, did to prevent a great war on earth. G’iah then provides important information to the two at the end of the story.

G’iah mentions that Gravik has big plans. He wants to create a third world war on earth by pitting people against each other by launching nuclear missiles from British submarines at UN planes. Knowing what G’iah was doing, Gravik attempted to take his own life. Although G’iah managed to escape, Gravik managed to shoot him. G’iah’s body turns back into a Skrull.

Many of the geeks then wondered, was G’iah really dead? Considering this is Marvel Studios adapting the comic book story, with changes to story details, this means that G’iah may not actually have died. Considering G’iah’s huge role in the Secret Invasion storyline, it really seems like the character’s appearance is seriously lacking if he then dies.

Fans are of course curious about G’iah’s past, his motivation for joining Gravik, etc. Which is why, of course, it would be very unfortunate if the character of G’iah, played by Emilia Clarke, only appeared briefly in the Secret Invasion story. This is the reason that later gave rise to speculation that G’iah might still be alive.

How G’iah came back to life in Secret Invasion

The next question then is how did G’iah come back alive in the Secret Invasion? What’s interesting is that Marvel Studios has actually provided instructions on this. What does it mean? Although in episode 3 the story shows how G’iah died, various promotional materials for the Secret Invasion series seem to provide different clues as to G’iah’s death.

G’iah will likely be brought back to life in Secret Invasion by transforming into a Super Skrull. In episodes 2 and 3, we finally get confirmation about Gravik’s grand plan, which is to create an extraordinarily strong Skrull troop, the Super Skrull. Then, in one of the promotional materials for Secret Invasion, it shows how the character G’iah is surrounded by blue energy.

The promotional images could be the moment when G’iah returns from the dead or even before he transforms into a Super Skrull. Then, a scene in the series trailer shows G’iah in a room full of Skrull cocoons. There is a possibility that they are recruits for the Super Skrull army whose mission is to wipe out all of humanity.

g'iah way back to life

Then, in another promotional image, G’iah can be seen holding a gun and pointing it at someone. G’iah’s face looks a bit different and this scene hasn’t even appeared in the main three episodes. This means that this scene could appear in episode 4 or one of the last two episodes.

So, in essence, the way G’iah came back to life was that Gravik turned him into a Super Skrull. Gravik will likely take G’iah’s body and store it in a special room like the other Skrulls to later turn him into a Super Skrull.

The appearance of the human figure of G’iah

What is not less interesting is that there is also a theory that is developing among the fans that, if possible, we will see the human version of G’iah in the next episode. As shown in the previous episode, the Skrulls can transform into the humans they see. Skrulls can also steal the contents of the human head to make their actions more convincing.

g'iah way back to life

This means there’s a chance that the human version of G’iah, played by Emilia Clarke, is still alive. In theory, the human figure that G’iah imitates is Abigail Brand, a popular character in the X-Men comics. She is the leader of the SWORD organization that has appeared in the WandaVision series.

This theory is likely to come true if it is based on another promotional image. In this image you can see how Emilia Clarke’s character is in a fighting position with Priscilla Fury. However, of course, we still need more confirmation regarding this matter. What do you think, do you agree that G’iah has come back alive?

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