These 10 characters have not shown up to fight!

Even though they have appeared and been featured in One Piece lore, these characters have never been shown fighting. Fighting is commonplace in Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece story. The fight happened for several reasons. From defending something, defending yourself, to destroying a great power.

In the story, most of the characters featured are shown to have often fought against their enemies or other characters. However, it turns out that several characters have also appeared who have never been shown fighting in One Piece history. Some of the fans themselves believe that these characters have great power and cannot wait to see them fight.

1. monkey d dragon

One of the important characters that has never been shown fighting in One Piece history. Fans are very curious about Dragon’s power level. Monkey D Dragon himself is the biological father of Monkey D Luffy and the leader of the Revolutionary Army group that aims to overthrow the World Government. In fact, Dragon has been introduced into the story, but it is still very mysterious until now.

In fact, Dragon has never been shown fighting at all in One Piece lore. This is what makes Dragon’s true strength still unconfirmed till now. Even so, the fans themselves believe that Dragon has tremendous power. He also possessed a terrifying level of strength. And many speculations also say that Dragon is a devil fruit eater.

2. Ben Beckman

According to the SBS Volume 8 column, Benn Beckman has the highest intelligence of all East Blue residents. He even stopped Kizaru during the war at Marineford, and his reputation also made Kizaru seem unable to do much. The way Kizaru found out about Beckman’s reputation gives an idea of ​​the magnitude of his strength.

However, so far, Oda Sensei has never shown a story where Beckman fights and shows off his skills as Shanks’ proxy. Considering that none of the Red Hair Pirates have Devil Fruit powers, this means that Beckman most likely has powerful Haki abilities as well. Of course, it will be very interesting to see how Beckman fights.

3. Yasopp

Aside from Beckman, the only Red-Haired Pirates crew members yet to be shown fighting is Yasopp. Usopp’s father is a sniper, whose reputation is even heard on the Grand Line. Currently, Yasopp still holds the title of the best sniper in the world. However, how come Oda still doesn’t show Yasopp’s genius?

With his shooting prowess, Yasopp is believed by many to have a very high level of Observation Haki. Usopp himself has now managed to awaken the Haki ability from him. Fans themselves are curious about Yasopp’s fighting skills, especially when they have to go up against other snipers like Van Augur.

4. roux of luck

Lucky Roo/Roux is one of the crew members Shanks trusts. He is also one of the commanders of the Shanks pirate group that has appeared since the beginning of the story. This can be seen when Lucky Rouc asked Luffy about the Gomu Gomu Devil Fruit that he ate earlier. Later, when Lucky Roux shot one of the bandits on the mountain, after threatening Shanks’ life.

One thing that is unique about Lucky Roux is that even though he is big and stocky, he can move very fast before other people notice. There is no confirmation if it is the power of a devil fruit or the Haki ability. And this is what makes fans curious about the strength of Lucky Roux and look forward to seeing him fight.

5. Basque shot

Oda has submitted very little information about one of Blackbeard’s crew members. In fact, the Vivre Card itself does not provide much information about the Vasco Shot. What is clear, Vasco Shot is considered a brutal and terrible criminal so he must be locked up in level 6 of the Impel Down prison. Aside from the fighting moments, there were very few spawn moments.

We can count on our fingers the appearances of Vasco Shot in history. The last time Vasco Shot appeared was in 1080, when Garp was trying to save Koby. It is revealed that he has the power of the Paramecia devil fruit, namely Gabu Gabu. The timing of the fight against Garp could be an opportunity for Oda to show off the immense power of Tiro Vasco.

6. edward weevil

In terms of strength, Kizaru has recognized that Edward Weevil has the same abilities as Whitebeard did when he was young. Weevil was able to single-handedly destroy 16 groups of pirates. This means that Weevil’s abilities are extraordinary, which of course makes fans curious about the awesomeness of Weevil’s power.

Oda Sensei more often features Weevil’s fighting moments in a flashback or reference. Of course, this is different when we see the Weevil fight directly. The interesting thing is that at that moment Weevil is being kidnapped by the marines and Miss Bakin asks Marco to save him. Maybe we will see the power of Weevil by destroying the power of the navy.

7. Dracule Mihawk

Who does not know the figure of Dracule Mihawk. He is currently the strongest swordsman in the One Piece world. His character first appeared during the Baratie arc, where we first saw how epic and powerful Mihawk’s ability was. So far, Dracule Mihawk is still the best swordsman after Ryuma.

However, Mihawk has never been shown fighting in his story. So far, Mihawk has only shown a bit of his swordsmanship, such as in the ultimate battle at Marineford. The fans themselves are curious about Mihawk’s true powerful strength, so that he can become an eternal rival for Shanks.

8. Kindred

Geeks might wonder why Shanks made this list. However, the fact remains that Shanks has never been shown fighting. Like Mihawk, Shanks has shown little of his abilities thus far. The most recent is how Shanks used the Kamusari technique to destroy the Kid and his group, without any resistance.

That means, technically speaking, Shanks hasn’t fought yet. After the Wano arc, Oda seemed to describe Shanks as an extraordinarily powerful character both in terms of Haki and other abilities. For this reason, Oda needs to present an epic battle moment involving Shanks to show how powerful his strength and abilities are.

9. Gorosei

Under Im’s rule, there are five fathers who are considered to have power and become leaders of the One Piece world, namely the Gorosei. For decades after he was first introduced to him in history, Oda Sensei has never provided any information about Gorosei. Until then, in the last chapter, Oda started giving information about their names.

In addition to the name, Oda Sensei also presents information on how these Gorosei have the ability or power to transform into the shadows of various types of monsters. Unfortunately, it is still unknown if it is a devil fruit power or other powers. And the Gorosei are also one of the characters that have never been shown fighting even though they have high positions.

10 Am

The character that has never been shown fighting the last one is Im. He is one of the important characters in the One Piece story, as this mysterious character is the leader of the World Government. He is also the mastermind behind all the activities carried out by the World Government. Until now, the character of Im remains a great mystery.

Until now, Oda often shows Im in the form of a silhouette that appears to be oval and has a rather elongated head. In yesterday’s chapter 1086, it was revealed that I come from one of the royal families that formed the World Government. Im’s strength and awesomeness is one of the things fans look forward to, as is Im’s fight. Luffy is considered a worthy opponent for Im.

Eiichiro Oda often presents story formulas where he keeps important character information. He will only enter or present character information at that time. And one of the things that Oda usually keeps a secret is his fighting ability. The characters above are examples of how some characters are still not shown fighting even though they have appeared in One Piece lore.

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