The Scarlet Witch Earth-838 is coming to Deadpool 3!

The actress who plays Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch Elizabeth Olsen will appear again in the latest Marvel Studios movie Deadpool 3. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe wondered about the fate of Wanda Maximoff’s character after her death. appearance in the film. WandaVision and also Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In the Doctor Strange sequel, Wanda is presumed dead after protecting Strange and America Chavez.

Elizabeth Olsen also said in an interview with Variety that she would not be returning to any film projects in the near future yet. Olsen also gave strong advice to actors looking to accept offers from Marvel Studios. However, it seems that Olsen’s fate has finally been answered where she will appear again in one of the upcoming film projects.

According to a report from the Twitter account @AlexFromCC, Elizabeth Olsen will return to her role as Scarlet Witch in Deadpool 3 alongside Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. The interesting thing is that the Scarlet Witch that will appear in the Deadpool 3 movie will not come from the main universe, but from Earth-838. This is a variant of Wanda Maximoff that appeared in Doctor Strange 2.

scarlet witch deadpool 3

Unfortunately, the report itself doesn’t provide details on how Earth-838’s Wanda might later be involved with or appear in the Deadpool 3 movie. Even so, according to previously circulating rumors, Deadpool 3 will delve deeper into Earth-838. Based on previously known information, the Deadpool 3 movie will feature a story related to when Wade was caught up in a change to the existing timeline.

This is what makes Wolverine appear again, where it is reported that two variants of Wolverine will appear. This is also what later caused Deadpool to have to deal with TVA. Deadpool 3 is Marvel Studios’ first film project following Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox. And this will also be the first MCU movie to have an adult rating. Let’s just wait for more Deadpool 3 news, geeks!

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