The Red Door will be the Closing of the Insidious Saga

Jason Blum revealed that movie Insidious: The Red Door It will be the closing film of the Insidious saga. Blumhouse Productions revealed that the fifth film will be the last film about the story of the Lambert family, who have always been haunted by the terror of terrifying entities, one of which is, of course, the iconic Lipstick Demon.

Insidious is the second universe that James Wan made after previously achieving the Saw-universe, the first movie of which was made in early 2000. Saw was originally produced on a very small production budget and it turned out that after its release it unexpectedly became a blockbuster.

Insidious first aired in 2010 and came to an end in this fifth movie, in this movie apart from being the main star, Patrick Wilson is also the director. apart from wilson Insidious: The Red Door also with Ty Simpkins, Rose Bryne, Lin Shaye and newcomer Andrew Astor.

Beyond the end of the Insidious saga, this horror spin-off titled Threads is in production process.

The film stars Mandy Moore and Kumail Nanjiani as a married couple who use a forbidden spell to return to the past to prevent the tragic death of their daughter.

Unfortunately, by using the spell, it also causes the release of an evil entity which then haunts them at every turn.

Although Insidious is over, James Wan still has plenty of other horror movie projects. the nun ii it will be released soon in September 2023. The story will continue the events of the battle between Sister Irene and the terror perpetrated by Demon Valak.

Then there is also a sequel to M3Gan entitled M3Gan 2.0 whose first film was also quite successful in 2022. shootout M3Gan 2.0 It was completed last February.

In addition to other iconic horror films from the Saw saga, Saw X is also set to be released soon and will again feature Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith as John Kramer aka Jigsaw and Amanda Young.

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