The real James Rhodes dies in the Civil War!

Secret Invasion provides a clue that the real James Rhodes, aka Rhodey, may have been killed in the Civil War story. Secret Invasion is the last series to premiere on Disney Plus and is part of Phase 5 of the MCU. This series is presented in a different way with a much more serious narrative tone and full of mysteries.

Similar to the comic book story, Secret Invasion features a story where millions of Skrulls have infiltrated and mixed with the people of earth. And indeed, the Skrulls are also suspected of having mixed up with the Avengers. And this was verified later when the figure of James Rhodes, aka Rhodey, turned out to be a Skrulls. What is interesting is the theory that the real Rhodes died in the Civil War story.

Rhodey facts are Skrulls

The figure of James Rhodes, also known as Rhodey, has become a hot topic of conversation among fans since the beginning of the Secret Invasion series. Rhodey himself appears in the first episode where it is shown that he no longer wears the War Machine armor and is active as an Avenger. In the story, Rhodey has a new role, namely that of advisor to the President of the United States and representative of the highest commission.

In this episode, Rhodey is also shown to find himself in a difficult situation when various countries try to uncover Nick Fury and Maria Hill’s involvement in the deadly events in Russia. Nick Fury and Rhodes themselves then held a private meeting where Nick asked for his help. However, Rhodes rejected this and even “fired” Fury because of this.

The fact that Rhodey is a Skrull is later revealed in episode 4 titled “Beloved” where it turns out that she is a female Skrull. Rhodey even met with Priscilla alias Varra and asked her to kill Nick Fury, in which Nick himself overheard the conversation and eventually responded to her curiosity and suspicion.

secret invasion of rhodes

Nick himself had infiltrated the hotel where “Rhodey” was staying and provided information that the person closest to the President was either a Skrull or had been infiltrated by Skrulls. However, Rhodey then tried to refute this by saying that his security was very strong. And Rhodey himself had said that Nick owed him for protecting him from recordings of events in Russia that hadn’t been released anywhere.

The case of the figure of James Rhodes aka Rhodey is that the Skrulls seem to respond to fan speculation before. They had mentioned that Rhodey who appeared in the secret invasion storyline was a Skrulls and it was proven at the end. The question then becomes if these were Skrulls posing as Rhodes, where was the real Rhodes?

The original Rhodes died in the civil war

The question of where the real Rhodey is comes to the minds of geeks, especially after the fact that Rhodey in Secret Invasion turned out to be a Skrulls in disguise came up. In this regard, there is an interesting theory that has emerged among fans. It can be said that this theory can answer the great riddle about the whereabouts of Rhodey.

The theory itself states that Colonel James Rhodes alias Rhodey has died in the Civil War. There are some important clues that support this. The first is a statement from Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige. In his interview with, Feige commented on the fact that Rhodey was apparently a female Skrull and that she had long been replaced.

We love the idea of ​​fans going back and watching some of Rhodey’s performances and realizing it wasn’t him.And the second and most important clue is Doctor Strange’s car conversation with his fellow doctor, Billy, in the first movie. At the beginning of Doctor Strange, Stephen Strange is shown going to a party where his partner calls Strange.

secret invasion of rhodes

They mentioned a few cases where Strange might be interested in giving advice and helping them complete the procedure. Of the various cases that exist, there is an interesting case in which his colleague said that if there isA 35-year-old Air Force colonel crushed part of his spine in an armor test accident.

The Doctor Strange movie itself was released in 2016, that is, on October 26, a few months after the release of the movie Captain America: Civil War, which was released on April 27. If geeks remember what happened in the movie, Rhodes is on Tony Stark’s side and must fight Steve and the others. Near the end of the movie, Steve manages to escape from the airport and Rhodes and Tony try to catch up with the ship.

Sam Wilson tried to avoid them, but failed. Until then, Rhodes enlisted Vision’s help in destroying Sam. He fires a Mind Stone laser which Sam manages to dodge and the attack then hits the War Machine armor. Rhodes also fell unconscious and on the same FRIDAY he saw that his heart was still beating and that medical help would soon arrive.

So how Strange refuses to take on the case paved the way for Rhodes’ death. It could also be that Rhodes ultimately died in the process of medical treatment or while healing.

very similar to priscilla

What happened to Rhodes in the Secret Invasion storyline could be similar to what happened to Priscilla aka Varra. In the confrontation between Priscilla and Nick in episode 4, she confesses that her body was once that of a doctor. Varra and Priscilla would often meet and trade stories until Varra asked permission to use her body as a disguise.

Priscilla herself agreed to several conditions, one of which was that she couldn’t hurt Nick Fury, where it turned out that Varra had been on a mission long enough to kill Nick. Varra himself tried to fulfill this promise and it seems that he began to betray the rogue Skrulls and sided with Nick Fury to fix everything.

This unnamed female Skrulls likely stole Rhodes’ appearance or body when she was hospitalized, until she later died. And it was from then on that the Skrulls figure began to experience a major change in her attitude, which also tried to support Kevin Feige’s statement. What do you think, geeks?

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