The Most Memorable Justice League Crossover!

DC Comics’ group of Justice League heroes have made some of the most memorable crossovers in which they have collaborated with other franchises. The Justice League is the largest and most respected group of heroes in the DC universe. Justice League contains various extraordinary heroes like Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, The Flash and many others.

The Justice League has often collaborated or collaborated with other heroes or groups of heroes to deal with various threats. However, apart from the heroes of other DC comics, Justice League has made crossovers with other franchises that present the most memorable moments. So who has crossovered with the Justice League?

Justice League – The 99

Perhaps not many geeks are familiar with The 99 comic published by Kuwait’s Teshkeel Comics. The 99 is a comic by Naif Al-Muttawa that focuses on a superhero team consisting of 99 people. What is unique is that the 99 superheroes are inspired by the 99 good names of Allah SWT or commonly known as Asmaul Husna.

The most memorable crossover between Justice League and The 99 occurred in the JLA/The 99 miniseries, which totaled six titles. This comic, which was released in 2010, tells the story of the main villain The 99, Rhugal, and also Starro the Conqueror, who forced The 99 and the Justice League to work together to save the world. And what is no less interesting is that this story has also become a means to introduce the new members of The 99.

Justice League – Planetary

Planetary is a comic book series by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday that centers on a team that investigates various strange phenomena for a better world. However, in the Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta crossover comic, the team is shown to have a dark twist and they are also using various superpowers and other things to take over the world by force.

This also caused Planetary to finally have to deal with the Justice League of America team, which earlier even Planetary had managed to kill several Justice League members. This comic presents something unique and bold where readers are shown the dark side of the Justice League heroes in their efforts to take on their various enemies.

Justice League – Masters of the Universe

The universe of the popular Injustice story is one of the scariest universes in the DC Comics Multiverse. However, this universe was the setting for the epic crossover between Justice League and Masters of the Universe in 2018. In Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe, we are shown several characters from that universe fighting against the heroes of Eternia.

Set in the time after the alternate ending of Injustice 2, DC’s heroes are shown going to Eternia to ask He-Man and his allies to put an end to Superman’s terrible and evil regime. Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe really delivers some intense drama, epic, epic battles, and other great stuff.

Justice League of America – Heroes of the Dakotaverse

Icon, Rocket, Hadware and Static are some of the names of the superheroes of the Dakotaverse, a universe that appears in comics produced by The Milestone printing company. This imprint is still under the auspices of DC Comics, so it’s not impossible to do various crossovers of the heroes of the two franchises.

The epic crossover of the heroes of the two franchises takes place in the story When World Collide. In the story, after Darkseid’s death in the Final Crisis storyline, space and time were destroyed. That made the cosmic being of the Dakotaverse, Dharma, decide to unite the Dakotaverse with the DC universe to save everyone. This also gives the heroes of The Milestone a new home, as well as a moment of collaboration for the heroes of the two franchises.

Justice League of America – Predators

Geeks are certainly no stranger to alien creatures from other planets who like to hunt other species, Yautja, which comes from the Predator franchise. And the Predator franchise itself has crossed over several times with various DC characters like Superman and Batman, with Batman even being told to fight Yautja three times.

justice league cross

However, in the JLA vs. The Predator is shown that all members of the Justice League are fighting this terrible creature. This comic introduces a new type of Yautja, the ‘Meta-Predators’, who are scarier versions of the earlier Yautja. This is because this version of Yautja is based on all the members of the Justice League. Many positive responses from fans related to this crossover.

Justice League – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Many fans, especially ’90s era fans, dreamed of seeing an epic crossover of their favorite heroes with their childhood heroes, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. And this was done in 2017 in the Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers storyline. After Lord Zedd attacked the Rangers’ headquarters, something strange happened.

justice league cross

They were then thrown into the DC Universe. The Rangers then joined the Justice League team and Lord Zedd teamed up with the villainous Brainiac. These two villains managed to control the minds of the Rangers’ Zords. The collaboration of these two franchises really meets the expectations of the fans, it could even be a story that adapts to the big screen.

Justice League – Marvel Heroes

The debate over who is the most powerful hero in a battle between DC and Marvel is one of the biggest and longest-running debates in history. Fans have their own arguments as to who is much stronger. However, that debate is finally answered in DC vs. Marvel/Marvel vs. DC.

justice league cross

This crossover took place in 1996 and saw an epic battle of the strongest characters from the two franchises. In this story, fans get to see who wins when they go up against who the fans’ curiosity answers. In addition to answering the big fan questions, this crossover comic is also a bridge to other Marvel and DC crossovers.

amalgam comics

The next DC and Marvel crossover is Amalgam Comics. This is a comic that appeared after DC vs. Marvel/Marvel vs. DC. The story shows how to deal with the Brothers, two cosmic beings who are the incarnation of DC and Marvel, the Living Tribunal and The Specter do something extraordinary by bringing the two worlds together.

justice league cross

The union of the DC and Marvel universes produces a universe called Amalgam. And in this universe, it is shown how the characters in the universe are a combination of superheroes and villains from both franchises. For example Super-Soldier, which is a combination of Superman and Captain America. Speed ​​​​Demon is Ghost Rider and The Flash and many others. There are around 24 unique stories that are part of Amalgam Comics. Unfortunately, it was later shown that the Brothers broke up and the Amalgam universe never came back.

Justice League – Avengers

Both the Avengers and the Justice League are the main and largest group of heroes in their respective universes. And these two groups of heroes have crossed paths in the JLA/Avengers or Avengers/JLA comics. The meeting of two DC and Marvel villains, Krona and the Grandmaster, puts both universes in danger of collapsing.

justice league cross

In effect, the Justice League and the Avengers finally decided to work together to stop the destruction. In fact, there was also a battle between these two groups of heroes before they decided to work together. There are several epic moments that occur in this comic, such as when Superman is able to wield Mjolnir.

Justice League – Godzilla vs. Kong

This is the latest, most memorable Justice League crossover, seeing DC’s heroes battling two of the most legendary Kaiju monsters. The title of this crossover comic itself is Justice League vs. Godzilla vs Kong. According to the synopsis, the story itself begins with the Justice League fighting the Legion of Doom until an unexpected moment arises.

justice league cross

The MonsterVerse and the DC universe finally came together, causing Godzilla and Kong to appear and causing major chaos in the city of Metropolis. The interesting thing is that Godzilla and Kong are the “villains” of this story. The Justice League also tried to stop this. The comic itself will consist of seven volumes and will be released on October 17, 2023.

As it turns out, the Justice League of the DC Universe has experienced many of the most memorable crossover moments throughout its run and the above are some examples of that. These various crossover comics give their own color and uniqueness to the existing main storylines. And this is also, of course, a way to attract interest from both franchises.

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