The latest trailer for The Nun 2 has been released

Warner Bros. adds a new horror line with the release of the first trailer the nun 2. The presence of this trailer brings us back to the world of The Conjuring franchise with Taissa Farmiga, who will reprise the role of Sister Irene.

after attendance Evil Dead Rise, The Pope’s Exorcist, The Bogeyman AND Insidious: The Red DoorIt seems crazy to me that this year is the year of horror moviegoers.

Now Warner Bros. has added a new horror line by releasing the first trailer the nun 2. The presence of this trailer brings us back to the world of The Conjuring franchise with Taissa Farmiga, who will reprise the role of Sister Irene.

the nun 2 has been on Warner Bros.’s slate to arrive for some time, having been shown at CinemaCon 2022 before the movie’s sequel began filming late last year.

The film was written by Akela Cooper, screenwriter for Malignant and M3GAN, and directed by Michael Chaves, who most recently directed The spell: the devil made me do it.

Not just Taissa Farmiga, Bonnie Aarons will also reprise her role as Valak, a demon in the form of a terrifying nun who is determined to go after Farmiga’s sister.

Bonnie Aarons began her iconic and deeply memorable persona. The spell 2 where he takes on the Warrens, before returning for his terrifying origin story in The Nun.

Jonas Bloquet will also reprise his role as Frenchie. Frenchie’s character can be seen previously in the film. The spell first in footage of an exorcism shown by Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine on a college campus.

In addition to the returning cast, the nun 2 it will also feature newcomers Storm Reid (The Last of Us), Anna Popplewell (The Chronicles of Narnia) and Katelyn Rose Downey (The Princess).

Popplewell will play a school teacher named Marcella and Downey will play her daughter Sophie.

During the interview, as quoted by Collider, Storm Reid said that her character was “incredible” and that she “really added a bit of weirdness to the story.”

Reid is confident that the upcoming addition to the horror franchise will be a success, saying, “I think it works perfectly, [dan] something that will become something that people really enjoy watching.”

The latest trailer also gives us our first look at Reid and establishes Farmiga’s sister Irene as a worthy adversary against Valak.

The future of The Conjuring franchise

the nun 2 It’s not the only project in The Conjuring franchise. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will return as Ed and Lorraine Warren for the fourth film in the Conjuring universe.

Writer The spell: the devil made me do itDavid Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick is rewriting the script for the spell 4although no plot details are currently available, the film is expected to still be inspired by the actual case of Ed and Lorraine Warren on which the franchise was based.

Director The spell and franchise producer James Wan had said late last year that they were using their time with the next film to “make sure that we get it right and make sure that the emotion of Warren’s story that we want to tell… that be the right thing, the right story we tell ourselves.

It was also recently announced that the television series, The spell in progress at Warner Brothers for the streaming service Max. There is no information on the series at this time, but it “will continue a story that has been established in the feature films.”

With a growing number of feature films on the way, there are plenty of options to explore in the series, though many fans are hoping Wilson and Farmiga will join the project. James Wan and DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran will serve as series producers.

the nun 2 It will hit theaters on September 8. So stay tuned for the latest news. the nun 2 Only on Cineverse.

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