The FTT price goes up and down when the FTX claims portal opens and then becomes unavailable

FTT Chart / Source: TradingView

FTT saw a massive 26% rise from the $1.40 area to $1.80 on Tuesday in a matter of minutes, before pulling back below $1.60 on Wednesday.

FTT is the utility token of the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX which is currently going through a long and arduous bankruptcy process in the wake of its collapse last November.

The token was pumped Tuesday on reports on social media that FTX had launched its online complaints portal at

However, as soon as the portal was apparently opened, it became available again.

In fact, no official announcement that the online claims portal was open ever came from the FTX official Twitter account.

Rather, the account tweeted a reminder that “all official public communications from FTX debtors will come from official company channels” and said the portal was still being finalized.

As a result, the initial optimism has mostly been discounted from the FTT token.

FTT Meme Coin Alternatives to Consider

Crypto degens looking for a high-stakes game might still be looking at the FTT token as a possible exchange that could bring quick profits.

While positive future news about FTX clients getting their funds back, and even the exchange reopening, could facilitate future pumps, small-cap meme coins offer a much greater opportunity to bring investors exponential gains.

Here are some new meme coin projects vetted by analysts at that could make a solid lead.

Wall Street Memes (WSM)

Wall Street Memes, one of the most popular retail investment communities on the internet, rose to fame in the 2021 stock meme craze and has recently been expanding its relevance in the cryptocurrency space with the pre-sale of its new token. $WSM.

The pre-sale success of $WSM, which has raised $14.3 million in just over a month, is hardly surprising given the size of the Wall Street Memes community.

Not only are there 523,000 hyper-engaged community members in your Instagram account wallstbetsthere are another 214k on Twitter and over 100k on his other two Instagram channels, wallstgonewild and wallsstbullsnft.

In total, Wall Street Memes has a strong social community of 1 million degens, which analysts believe almost guarantees the $WSM token will be listed on tier 1 crypto exchanges like Binance.

Since 30% of the token supply is retained for community rewards, airdrops to holders can reasonably be expected to be a large part of the ecosystem.

In fact, the first $WSM airdrop it is open now.

analysts They are already predicting great things for Wall Street memes when you trade on the exchanges and you can be a part of that.

Visit Wall Street Memes here

Mr. Hankey Coin (HANKEY)

A new meme coin themed around Mr. Hankey from South Park, a clever and jolly piece of poop and the cartoon’s former Christmas deity, has gone viral on social media in the past two days ahead of the release of a new meme coin. stealthy presale that anyone can participate in on Thursday.

Mr Hankey Coin, who prides himself on promoting himself as the best bullshit coin in the cryptocurrency industry, already has over 5,600 followers on Twitterwhile the project Telegram quickly approaching 1,000.

Web3’s most popular new shitcoin is understood to be looking to raise a modest $500,000 through the sale of 40% of its 1 billion token supply, valuing the token at a very modest $1.25 million, which means plenty of room for a potential bomb.

Meanwhile, the limited availability of the token on pre-sale means that pent-up demand and FOMO will remain on its DEX launch.

In addition, the project committed to locking 40% of the token supply in Decentralized Exchange (DEX) liquidity, ensuring smooth trading conditions and eliminating the possibility of a rug pull.

Finally, and most importantly, Mr Hankey Coin appears to be backed by a savvy marketing team, and rumors are already swirling that the teams behind $SPONGE and $PEPE might be involved.

Whoever the team is, they seem to be working hard to get the word out, with Mr Hankey Coin already appearing all over the crypto media on reputable news sites like Beincrypto and here at

Visit Mr Hankey Coin here

Thug Life Token ($THUG)

Despite its launch just a week ago, a new meme coin project Thug Life Token it has already been able to raise over $1.2 million through the pre-sale of its $THUG token.

Several industry observers have called $THUG a huge success given the refreshing perspective it brings to the meme coin space.

$THUG is not based on old-fashioned dog memes or social media fads, like meme coins created in response to tweets from Elon Musk or Andrew Tate.

Rather, $THUG is themed around the timeless Thug Life movement that was first popularized by hip hop stars like Snoop Dogg in the ’80s.

As word of $THUG spreads, more degenerates are expected to pile money on the project.

That’s because Thug Life Token has all the features of the upcoming 100x meme coin.

At a pre-sale price of $0.0007 and a total maximum supply of 4.2 billion, the Thug Life Token pre-sale only values ​​the coin at a very conservative fully diluted market cap of $2.94 million.

That’s much smaller than most other comparable pre-sale projects and the low pre-sale market cap leaves plenty of room for explosive upside.

Meme coin degens has no time to waste when it comes to getting involved in the project from the very beginning.

This is because the $THUG pre-sale will end once the $2.058 million mark is reached or when the 10-day countdown ends (whichever comes first).

After that, the only way to secure $THUG tokens will be through the project’s airdrop campaign and community bounties or at a potentially high price on major decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Visit Thug Life Token here

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all your capital.