The Flash Records Box Office Loss Story!

Released in mid-June, currently screening the film The flash in theaters around the world has entered its fourth week. It’s sad that the number of moviegoers over the past three weeks has dropped off and further away from the expectations of Warner Bros. as the film company that produced it. Even from a financial perspective, The flash which has gobbled up a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars is worthy of being designated as the film with the biggest box office loss in DC history.

The movie, directed by Andy Muschietti and starring Ezra Miller, actually has a promising premise. Where Flash’s attempt to time travel to the past has accidentally introduced the DC Multiverse with many very interesting variant characters. It’s a shame that despite being called “the best superhero movie we need right now” by superstar Tom Cruise and DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn, that doesn’t make the movie a hit. The flash you can escape losses that can be considered quite tragic.

Flash Disadvantage

Now, according to the latest financial calculations, it is revealed that The flash experienced the worst first- to second-week box office drop in DC history. With a budget of $220 million for production and $150 million for marketing, The flash it is forecast to cause Warner Bros. to suffer a loss of more than $200 million or around Rs 3 trillion. In other words, one of the last DCEU movies is the most damaging to the WB and DC.

For comparison, the $200 million worth of loss has surpassed the flops of other DC superhero movies. As Shazam! fury of the gods ($150 million), wonder woman 1984 ($137 million), the suicide squad ($130 million), black adam ($100 million), and green lanterns ($75 million). What’s even sadder is that if it’s tracked, it means Warner Bros. has suffered continuous losses for four years in a row because DC’s last hit superhero movie was Shazam! which was released in 2019.

Apart from the rather interesting history, there are actually many reasons why The flash experienced a total loss that was fantastic. Part of this was due to production issues, schedule delays, and the Ezra Miller controversy. Hopefully the last two WB/DC movies of the year, that is blue beetles AND aquaman and the lost kingdomDon’t experience the same, geeks. Because we can’t deny it, as fans we all still need live-action DC movies on the big screen.

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