The film Aku Rindu raises the issue of women in remote places

I miss tells the story of a woman’s social service to her husband, family, and service to country in Larantuka, where 70% of the crew are women.

There aren’t many recent Indonesian movies that deal with women’s issues, but Cineverse attended a press conference yesterday for the launch of a new movie, which apart from tackling women’s issues, this movie also has a cast and crew of which 70% are women!

by title I missThis film tells the story of a woman’s social service to her husband, family, and service to the homeland, which will be simulcast in all theaters across the country on October 19, 2023.

This film will later be directed by Key Mangunsong who will also write the script along with Salim Tariq. Angela Andreyanti will act as cinematographer. I miss Produced by Janner Clay Siahaan, Achmad Rofiq, Rama Hoegeng and Kevin Kit.

The cast itself is very diverse and some of us know it. Samuel Rizal will play Banyu accompanied by Verlita Evelyn who will play Lailani. Other stars include Krisjiana Baharudin as Noel, Natasha Siahaan as Dr. Wilda, Tutie Kirana as Eyang, Ricky W Miraza and other supporting actors.

Movie I miss tells the story of the struggle of Lailani (Verlita Evelyn) who is called upon to build a school and teach in a remote village in Larantuka, East Nusa Tenggara, the area where Banyu (Samuel Rizal) her husband is on duty.

Lailani will then have conflicts with children or young people who drop out of school in the area. The main conflict Key will raise, however, is the issue of illegal immigrant workers, which is rife everywhere these days. Passion and strong determination to not give up on a big dream is the message that Key Mangunsong wants to convey.

Against the background of the life and natural beauty of Larantuka, NTT, a movie is expected I miss Being able to photograph the figure of the devotion of a woman that can be an inspiration for many people and reminds us that Indonesia has a lot of natural beauty that is still unknown.

The film will start shooting next week in Larantuka and will then take place in Yogyakarta on the side. Although Larantuka will later be called the city of 1000 chapels, this film will still be universal by not including a particular religion in the story. The use of regional languages ​​also emphasizes that this film has not lost its identity.

I missIt will air from October 19, 2023 in all Indonesian cinemas.

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