The end of the Barbie movie explained!

The Barbie Movie is the latest work from director Greta Gerwig, with the duo Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken, this movie is an entertaining and inspiring work. This movie is also the first live-action movie officially under the auspices of Mattel. Interestingly, the end of this film gives us a lot of interesting things. Anything? Right away, we discussed the explanation for the ending of the Barbie movie.

Barbie movie plot

Before we further discuss the ending of the Barbie movie, let’s briefly go over the story of this movie. In this film, we will be presented with a conflict in the history of Barbie Land, which was previously “controlled” by the Barbies. But the stereotypical Barbie, played by Margot Robbie, malfunctions, forcing her to go to the real world to meet the human who plays her (Gloria).

barbie endingBut along the way, Ken, played by Ryan Gosling, hides in Barbie’s car and goes to the real world. Arriving in the real world, Barbie and Ken are shocked by the drastic differences between Barbie Land and the real world, especially the entrenched patriarchal ideology that shocked Ken for returning to Barbie Land first. Long story short, Barbie, Gloria, and their children returned to Barbie Land, but were shocked by the changes in Barbie Land, which is now filled with patriarchal views.

Barbie movie endings

By the end of the story, Ken finally realized that the patriarchy he had brought to Barbie Land was having a negative effect. Barbie Land returns to normal, but the Barbies also vow to respect the Kens more. But Stereotype Barbie feels like she has no place in Barbie Land. The one who has seen the real world actually feels that his place and his life are more suitable in the real world.

barbie endingThis is also encouraged by Ruth Handler (Rhea Perlman) who is the creator of Barbie to believe in her desire to live in the real world. Interestingly, Barbie, who has moved into the real world, appears to be living with Gloria’s family. Even at the end of the film, Gloria’s family is shown to take Barbie to a place, namely a gynecologist.

Why did Barbie go to the gynecologist?

As mentioned above, at the end of the movie, Barbie is shown visiting a gynecologist. This turned out to be related to the story at the beginning of the film, where when Barbie and Ken first visited the real world, they felt cat calling of construction workers. But Barbie immediately went up to them and there was a dialogue that Barbie and Ken don’t have genitals. The construction workers seemed taken aback by Barbie’s statement, and Barbie realized that not having genitalia made them non-human.

barbie endingThis is what makes Barbie visit the gynecologist at the end of the movie. The one who is now going to live as a human seems to want to make him genitals. Because a gynecologist is a doctor with applied medical science in the field of the female body and reproductive health. In other words, having genitalia makes Barbie fully human.

That is the explanation of the end of the Barbie movie. Inspiring, light and funny are indeed the common threads in this movie. So is there a Barbie sequel in the future? Unfortunately there has been no announcement from Studioa, but Margot Robbie has revealed that she is in talks for a sequel. Of course, it is interesting what the next Barbie story will be like when she becomes a human. Well, let’s wait for the next announcement about the Barbie movie sequel.

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