The director gives a picture from the movie Hot Wheels!

From young toy fans to old, you’ll know what it is. hot wheels. First introduced by the Mattel toy company in 1968, hot wheels They are miniature toy cars that range from real cars to fantasy cars. Now, due to the popularity of this unique toy, hot wheels It is sure to be adapted into a live-action movie as well. Where JJ Abrams, who works as a producer, has just given an idea of ​​what the film franchise will be like hot wheels going forward.

In 2022, it was announced that JJ Abrams’ film studio Bad Robot Productions would produce a live-action film. hot wheels. In which the famous Abrams directs star trek and a sequel trilogy Star Wars will act directly as producer. After nearly a year of silence, it was finally announced in January that the film’s script would be written by Dalton Leeb and Nicholas Jacobson-Larson. But for now it is still unknown what the plot of the film will be later on.

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Although the director’s chair now remains vacant, to increase fan enthusiasm for the film, Abrams tries to explain the vision for the franchise. hot wheels future. reported since new yorkers, JJ Abrams describes hot wheels as a daring movie according to its title. “For a long time, we have been talking to Mattel about Hot Wheels. Until we finally find something that feels emotional and grounded and gritty.” he said.

What Abrams just said seems to have happened after his studio began working with Dalton Leeb and Nicholas Jacobson-Larson to write the script. When referring to the animated series How Wheels which was quite popular in the 2000s, maybe this movie has the same theme about car racing being driven by ordinary people. So even though Hot Wheels is known as a toy, it’s not impossible for the movie to feature emotional stories of human characters, but with grounded cars and tracks just like the toys.

For now, there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the movie. hot wheels by JJ Abrams and his studio Bad Robot Productions. But with a major development process lately it looks like a project hot wheels he began to move forward with his new writers. Let’s hope for more developments regarding live action. hot wheels this is it, geeks.

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