The complete explanation of Super Skrull in the Marvel Universe!

In the superhero world of the Marvel Universe, there are many extraordinary characters ranging from superheroes to supervillains with their own origins and mythology. Now speaking of the mythology especially related to supervillains, one of the most prominent in the Marvel Universe is the Super Skrull group.

Known as a vital element in events. secret invasion, the Super Skrulls have unique and interesting abilities. In this article, we will explain in detail about Super Skrull, his existence, characters, powers, how he differs from normal Skrulls, and his role in the history of the Marvel Universe. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the discussion below, Geeks!

The origins of the Super Skrulls

Super Skrulls first appeared in the comics Fantastic four #18 written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby in 1963. Simply put, they are a variant of the Skrull alien race that originated on the planet Tarnax IV in the Andromeda galaxy. Where physically and psychologically they have undergone genetic modification to have the superpowers of superheroes.

super skrulls

They were created with the goal of becoming a lethal weapon that can match the abilities of superheroes in events. secret invasion. It is sad that his appearance does not save him from the role of Earth’s top superheroes who are members of the super-secret Illuminati team, such as Mister Fantastic from the Fantastic Four, Iron Man from Avengers, Black Bolt from Inhuman, Professor X from X-Men, and the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange. .

Initially, the Illuminati, who felt responsible for protecting Earth from all its threats, deliberately went to the homeworld of the alien Skrulls to warn them against invading Earth. However, in the process they were kidnapped, tortured and used as experimental subjects taking DNA samples and their knowledge. It was from here that the Skrulls learned of Earth’s potential and were determined to invade Earth.

However, because they are aware of Earth’s defenses being protected by superheroes, they create a stronger army by incorporating superhero DNA and knowledge into the bodies of the Super Skrulls. With the birth of the Super Skrulls, this is the main capital of the alien Skrull nation to carry out a secret superhero costumed invasion of Earth.

Important and popular figures

Since 1963, then move on to major events. secret invasion in Marvel Comics, many Super Skrulls have been introduced to this day. Most of them are supervillains, the rest are just the fingers of whoever has finally sided with Earth. These are the most popular Super Skrull characters in the Marvel Universe:

super skrulls

  • k’lrt
    The first and most dangerous Super Skrull in the Marvel Universe to possess the combined powers of four Fantastic Four superheroes, including the flexibility of Mr. Fantastic, the invisibility ability of Invisible Woman, able to turn into fire and fly like the Torch Human, and in a body as rock-hard as The Thing.
  • Paibok
    One of the strongest Skrulls in the Marvel Universe, nicknamed the Power Skrull due to his extraordinary physical strength. It is strongly suspected that Paibok got his super strength from a mixture of Earth’s strongest superhero DNA. That is why his physical strength, stamina, and adaptability can rival the Hulk-class Avengers.
  • Khn´nr
    Having disguised himself as Captain Marvel for a while, Khn’nr was a Skrull who possessed all of the powers of Mar-Vell, also known as the first Captain Marvel. With power cosmic flowing in his blood, he can fly at the speed of light and is nearly immortal because his body can continuously regenerate.
  • critic noll
    The high-ranking member of the Skrull squad selected to replace Dr. Henry ‘Hank’ Pym as part of his secret invasion of Planet Earth. Criti Noll’s Super Skrull power allows him to grow and shrink like Hank Pym, who uses the Pym Particle element of him.
  • Queen Veranke
    The main antagonist in the events of the comic. secret invasion who once dressed up as Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman. With her powers that can crawl on walls, emit electric shocks, and produce hormones that can change the mood of the people around her, Veranke managed to fool the Avengers.
  • H’rpra
    One of the good old Super Skrulls originally assigned to infiltrate the Avengers by disguising himself as the superhero Mockingbird. However, because he took his role too seriously, H’rpra, who has the super-strength and super-agility of the original Mockingbird, feels like a true superhero.
  • javin
    Another good Super Skrull who has cosmic powers from the Fantastic Four like K’lrt. Due to his love for a young member of the Runaways superhero team named Karolina Dean, Xavin ultimately decides to betray his own people.

How many Super Skrulls are there in the Marvel Universe? The answer can be innumerable. In addition to those described above, there are many more anonymous Super Skrulls who have been told to wreak havoc on Earth through various exciting and varied comic stories. Including those with the combined strength of the Sinister Six, then the Ultron Skrull, World War Hulk Skrull, Asgardian Mix Skrull, and so on.

Differences in strength with common Skrulls

As discussed above, Super Skrulls are empowered with special powers and abilities that derive from the DNA and knowledge of the superheroes they mimic. Therefore, the variable force can be very diverse and can be mixed from one force to another.

super skrulls

Basically, they also have the ability to shapeshift and mimic other people’s faces as the main ability of the Skrull nation. So this is what makes the big difference between Super Skrulls and regular Skrulls who only have the ability to shapeshift.

Super Skrulls Weaknesses

Speaking of weaknesses, there really isn’t one specific way to defeat a Super Skrull. Although they can get injured and get sick, they generally don’t have special weaknesses like other Marvel superheroes or supervillains.

But in rare cases, there is an easy way to find out if they are Skrull or not, namely by testing the abilities and characteristics that only certain superheroes have. Take Veranke, for example, whose cover is often exposed because she can’t speak Japanese like the real Spider-Woman.

The role of the Super Skrulls in the Marvel Universe

The Super Skrulls have played an important role in the history of the Marvel Universe. An example is being involved in the Kree-Skrull war that lasted for years. The Skrulls attempt to use their power to dominate other nations, especially the Kree and humans from Earth.

super skrulls

It is said that they often send special troops to Earth to dress up as superheroes, especially at events. secret invasion. Additionally, there are also several Super Skrulls who receive special attention in their own stories. For example, Kl’rt, the first Super-Skrull to appear in the Fantastic Four story as a formidable foe.

Before becoming Emperor in the Skrull Empire, he was told to do a number of good deeds, such as helping She-Hulk defeat a Skrull Priest named Nogor in the end. secret invasion and even became a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Galactic Council.

That is a complete explanation of the Super Skrulls in the Marvel Universe. In conclusion, they are very dangerous enemies for superheroes. Genetic modification has made them capable of rivaling the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, etc. Most importantly, they have played a significant role in Marvel history.

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