The Adventures of Sherina 2 Releases Official Poster and Trailer!

The Adventures of Sherina 2 presents the official poster and trailer, packed with captivating new songs from Sherina Munaf, Mira Lesmana and Virani Munaf.

The movie sequel that most Indonesian audiences have been waiting for will be airing soon. Responding to the enthusiasm of the fans, the films sherina adventures today unveiled the official poster and trailer during a press conference.

The official poster that was unveiled is still reminiscent of the original poster of the movie. sherina adventures 2 which was published in June 2022, but with a modern twist. The two main characters, Sherina (Sherina Munaf) and Saddam (Derby Romero), are leaning against a tall tree with the beautiful feel of a Borneo forest as the poster’s background.

Also, in the latest trailer, fans can see the sweetness of the reunion of two friends meeting again. Now Sherina is a smart and courageous journalist, while Saddam has become a program manager for a conservation NGO in the forests of Kalimantan.

The warmth between them was felt immediately, but the nostalgic moment suddenly changed when a group of criminals stole a released baby orangutan. Their friendship is put to the test and they are once again dragged into a drama-filled adventure in the form of captivating action, singing and dancing.

Not only Sherina and Saddam, other characters also appear in the new trailer. They are Ratih (Isyana Sarasvati), Aryo (Ardit Erwandha), Dedi (Randy Danistha), Syailendra (Chandra Satria), Pingkan (Kelly Tandiono) and Sindai (Quinn Salman).

“This movie has drama, it has action, it has adventure, it also has singing and dancing. Not to mention a series of adorable and nostalgic scenes,” said Mira Lesmana, producer. “In this trailer, you can hear snippets of 3 new songs that will be featured in the Adventure of Sherina 2 movie.”

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“I can’t wait for all my friends to hear what we’ve been working on for the last three years. The songs shown in the trailer, while still in snippet form, I hope they can become a movie-watching thrill. sherina adventures 2 and enjoy all the songs and be nostalgic together,” said Sherina Munaf, the main character who is also a music arranger and composer.

“The Sherina and Saddam that we used to know were very energetic people, they liked to explore outer space and they liked to take trips that were like an adventure. So it feels natural to face challenges along the way like the ones they face in the story of this film, and of course there will be many more emotions awaiting us.” said Riri Riza, the director.

On this special occasion, Miles Films and Base Entertainment also announced investment partners who have contributed to the financing of the film production. sherina adventures 2. They are Legacy Pictures, Daydream Studio, INFIA, Folkative, Volix and Folk. Trinity Optima Production as music producer and distribution partner of Miles Films and Base Entertainment.

Sherina will begin her second adventure in theaters on September 28, 2028.

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