The actors of the movie Surugana Mantra, who are they?

A horror movie called Mantra Surugana will soon be shown in Indonesian theaters. So who are the players?

Indonesian movie lovers will soon be treated to a horror title set to air this month. Qualification Surugana MantraThis film tells of the rise of a demonic figure through a spell and a curse that haunts a new student.

Initially, he intended to study and chose to live in a dormitory. However, unexpectedly, this new student finds a terrible connection to spells and curses in his past. The spell and curse awaken the Demon Surugana who takes his life.

So whoever plays in the movie Surugana Mantra?

Sitha Marine as Tantri

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Playing the role of the main character named Tantri, Sitha Marino is no stranger to the world of entertainment. The younger sister of the famous actress Putri Marino has been seen playing in a movie roy’s ballad (2023) and web series healing journey (2022).

at the cinema Surugana Mantra, Tantri is a freshman who is caught in a dangerous spell and curse. While he has to escape, he also has to save the people around him who are related to him.

Fergie Brittany as Asta

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Asta is one of the three elders of Tantri who has felt the terror of the demon Surugana. Played by Fergie, this young star has acted in films wedding agreement (2019), Curse of Monkey Claw (2023), and series Saiyō Sakato (2020).

Shabrina Luna as Fey

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This artist born in 2003 often acts in soap operas and FTV. In the upcoming movie, Shabrina will be playing a character named Fey.

Like Asta, Fey is also Tantri’s main friend who got caught up in an evil spell. She tries to survive the devil’s traps, although she doesn’t know what to do.

Rania Putrisari as Arum

Arum is Fey and Asta’s best friend who mysteriously disappeared. He previously lived in the room now occupied by a new student, namely Tantri. However, when his friends searched for Arum’s whereabouts, other students also mysteriously disappeared.

Besides Surugana MantraRania also has a role in the movie. Host (2022), Later we will talk about today (2019), also new rich (2019).

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Yusuf Mahardika as Luki

If you look at the synopsis of the movie, the character of Luki probably won’t appear much in Mantra Surugana. Even so, fans need not worry because Cilers can, of course, still get to watch this Indonesian actor perform.

When Fey, Asta, and Reza were further investigating Arum’s disappearance, another student named Luki (Yusuf Mahardika) also mysteriously disappeared. A few days after Luki’s disappearance, he was found dead and his body was decomposing.

Raphael Adwell as Reza

Surugana Mantra becomes the title of Rafael’s new film, after playing yesterday in Not Cinderella with the celebrity show Fuji. This time, Rafael will play Reza, who is friends with Fey, Asta, and Arum.

Apart from the above 5 names, here is a list of other actors who will be acting in Mantra Surugana movie:

  • Messi Gusti as little Tantri
  • Dewa Dayana as Mahesa
  • Cindy Nirmala as Nyi Langgam
  • Mike Lucock as Asta’s uncle
  • Arswendy Nasution as Arman
  • Tegar Satrya as Tantri’s father

wait for it Surugana Mantra which will be simulcast in all Indonesian cinemas on July 27, 2023.

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