The 8 Weirdest DC Superheroes, There Is A Planet!

DC Comics just happens to have some of the weirdest superhero characters around, both in terms of strength and character. Listening to DC Comics, of course, many fans think that there are many interesting and extraordinary characters that appear in the story. Apart from Batman and Superman and the members of the Justice League, we are also introduced to characters like Green Arrow, Reverse Flash, etc.

Although known for having a dark and very dark history, DC Comics is also known to have some characters that can be considered odd. And these have been shown to be some of the weirdest superhero characters to ever appear in comic strips. Someone?

Ch’p and Chimpanzee Detective

Usually, the superhero characters in various stories are humans, aliens, or other creatures. However, DC has several superheroes that are animals. An example is Ch’p, who is a squirrel who is a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Ch’p isn’t a major figure on the Lantern team, but he’s not someone to underestimate.

Detective Chimp himself is an ape who has human-like intelligence, even slightly above humans. Detective Chimp, aka Bobo, can even communicate like a human and think like a human. Intelligence that he has even managed to beat Batman. Even so, he also knew how to fight.

Mental Flex

Flex Mentallo is a character created by Grant Morrison to appear in the Doom Patrol comics. Flex Mentallo was originally a weak man and rejected by the people, until he found a mysterious book that taught him various ways or knowledge about Muscle Mystery. Mastering Muscle Mystery causes his character to change.

His body became very muscular. In fact, the interesting thing is that with such a muscular body when he shows off his muscles (flex) he is able to influence reality. Flex has the nickname “Hero of the Beach”. The strangeness of his character can be seen in the clothes he wears. The strength of him alone from him was extraordinary.


Speaking of strength, actually Metamorpho’s power isn’t the strangest. He has the ability to transform his body into an element or multiple elements at once. When he uses this power, his appearance drastically changes. Compared to other heroes, it’s only natural that Metamorpho would be one of the weirder DC hero characters, especially when you look at the force effects of him. On the other hand, this also makes him one of the strongest along with the various experiences he has.

plastic man

Initially, Plastic Man, aka Patrick O’Brian, was introduced to DC comics as a villain. However, as time went by, DC started giving Plastic Man character changes, where he became a superhero and then he became one of the weirder superheroes. He is a funny and funny person, where Patrick is always telling jokes.

However, unlike the heroes who have the power of elasticity, Plastic Man can transform his body into various shapes, such as chairs or tables. The goofy and jovial nature of him is actually what is later considered strange. This is because his nature is contrary to his intelligence and strength. In fact, Batman himself acknowledges Plastic Man’s intelligence and strength.

Brother Power the Geek

dc's weirdest heroes

This character may never have been seen by geeks in the modern comic book era. This is reasonable because Brother Power the Geek is a DC character that hails from the Silver Age era. What then makes his character strange is his origin. Brother Power the Geek is like a Pinocchio story. He was originally a doll or mannequin. However, after being struck by lightning, Brother Power the Geek finally has a life. He also has superhuman powers such as stamina and strength. In fact, Brother Power the Geek has the ability to absorb and transfer energy, as well as many others. And the adventures he goes on are possibly very strange.


dc's weirdest heroes

The Doom Patrol comic is famous for being a story that features many interesting moments while also bringing out DC’s weirdest heroes. There are many strange heroes that appear in the story, but Rebis is arguably the strangest. Rebis is the combined character of Larry Tainor, Eleanor Poole, and Negative Spirit. That is, Rebis is a combination of masculine, feminine and an energy. Even so, Rebis is the strongest character and different from the others. Rebis is also the wisest member of the Doom Patrol team.


dc's weirdest heroes

In addition to having animals as part of their team, the Green Lantern Corps has another unusual member who is also one of DC’s weirdest hero characters, Mogo. Like Ego in the Marvel story, Mogo is a planet that has life, also known as a living planet. In fact, Mogo doesn’t technically wear a ring like the other Lanterns. However, it was he who then guided the ring to the right person and later recruited him to be part of the Green Lantern. In essence, Mogo has a crucial role in the Green Lantern Corps team. When Mogo appears at an event, it can be interpreted that the situation is really very serious.

leezle pon

Besides Mogo, Leezle Pon is also the most unusual member of the Green Lantern Corps team. In fact, Leezle Pon is not only the strangest of the Green Lantern Corps, but he’s also the strangest hero in the entire DC universe. Leezle Pon is a member of the Green Lantern Corps who is not a human, animal, or planet, but a smallpox virus.

dc's weirdest heroes

Leezle Pon is a member of the Green Lantern Corps who is in charge of Sector 119 and is a character who is always trusted when there are serious problems related to biological issues. Although Pon was a virus, he proved that he was capable of taking on the Sinestro Corps. In fact, he also helped defeat Despotellis, who is the strongest character in the Sinestro Corps.

The various characters above prove that DC Comics actually has some of the weirdest hero characters in its universe. Yet despite their various quirks, these characters are heroes who save many lives. On the other hand, the presence of the strangest heroes also gives DC Comics that color.

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