The 8 strongest pirate alliances right now!

It is not uncommon for pirates in the One Piece story to form an alliance to carry out a joint mission or other purposes. Pirates in One Piece history often go on adventures or travel independently or on their own. This is because the pirates are competing with each other to reach the last island.

In this competition, of course, we often see fights taking place. For example, the fight between Gol D Roger and Whitebeard found no winner. However, what is interesting is that not all pirates go through these adventures alone. These pirates also often build a strong alliance. These are some of the strongest pirate alliances in One Piece history.

Impel Down Prisoners Alliance

This is not actually a formal alliance because the prisoners work together to escape from Impel Down. At the time, Luffy was trying to save Ace, who was about to be executed by the navy, by freeing him from Impel Down’s level 6 prisoner. However, Luffy was too late as Ace had already been captured by the marines who were trying to speed up the run time.

When Luffy was about to go back and head to Marineford, Luffy met many other characters who later came together to help Luffy. They are Crocodile, Inazuma, Ivankov, Jinbe, Buggy, Mr. 3, and even Bon Clay. The Impel Down prisoners and Luffy then form an alliance, where they help Luffy save Ace, and in return, Luffy helps them break free.

Heart and Straw Hat Pirate Alliance

After surviving Fishman Island, the Straw Hat Pirates finally entered the New World. They first arrive at the island of Punk Hazard, an island that was once under the control of the navy. On the island, Luffy meets Trafalgaw Law again, whose status is a Shichibukai.

It used to be a mystery, it was finally revealed that Law was aiming to kill Kaido. Luffy then accepted Law’s offer of alliance. What is interesting is that this alliance turned out to be very strong where the alliance not only lasted as long as the Punk Hazard arc but continued into the Dressrosa arc and even in Wano Country. However, the cooperation of the two alliances is really felt in the Dressrosa arc, considering that Law has a dark past with Doflamingo.

Straw Hat and Fire Tank Alliance

Aside from the Heart Pirates, the Straw Hats have also formed an alliance with the Fire Tank Pirates. The pirate group led by Capone Bege collaborated with Luffy’s group in the Whole Cake Island arc. Luffy and the others try to get Sanji back, after he decides to leave his group of pirates.

It is known that Sanji is engaged to a daughter of Big Mom, namely Charlotte Pudding. In an effort to get Sanji back, Luffy and his group form an alliance with the Fire Tank pirates. It turns out that Capone Bege also has the same mission, which is to kill Big Mom. Unfortunately, this alliance that worked well at first had to fall apart due to Big Mom’s powerful power, which they underestimated.

Naval Alliance and Roger Group

In the One Piece story, pirates are enemies of the navy. They are often chased by pirates to be captured, because they are considered troublemakers. However, it turns out that the pirates and the navy once forged a powerful alliance in a historic event. To be precise, that event was the God Valley Incident that occurred 38 years ago.

pirate alliance

At that time, the strongest pirate group in the ocean, the Rocks group, attacked the island to wipe out the sky dragons. Garp, who is in charge of protecting the sky dragons, must face the genius of the Rocks group. Luckily, Garp wasn’t alone at the time, he was assisted by his rival, Gol D Roger. In the end, this alliance managed to defeat Rocks and the pirate group disbanded.

Kaido and Orochi Alliance

Kurozumi Orochi is one of the main villains that appeared in the Wano Country arc. He is part of the Kurozumi clan, which seeks to take control of Wano from the Kozuki clan. Orochi went to great lengths to make this happen, from tricking Kozuki Sukiyaki, who was the leader of Wano at the time, to working with Kaido.

pirate alliance

Orochi realized that he needed even more strength to be able to overpower Wano. Because of that, he later formed an alliance or cooperation with Kaido. For 20 years the cooperation between them has been very strong, making Wano their territory. Unfortunately, Kaido then betrayed Orochi and the truth was revealed that Kaido didn’t need Orochi for his goals.

Alliance between Big Mom and Kaido

The alliance of the two Yonko could be said to be one of the most powerful pirate alliances in history. In fact, the news about Kaido and Yonko forming an alliance or working together has worried many people, such as Garp and Fujitora. According to them, the alliance of Big Mom and Kaido can certainly upset the balance of world power.

pirate alliance

It must be admitted that Big Mom and Kaido are two strong Yonko. They are also one of the witnesses to the story that has happened, as Big Mom and Kaido are former members of the Rocks pirate crew. Yonko shouldn’t form alliances to keep the New World and the rest of the world in balance. And when they do, it’s natural for a lot of people to worry. Obviously, the alliance of the two Yonko is very powerful in the battle in the Wano arc.

Alliance of Pirates, Ninjas, Samurai and Mink Tribes

This is the most powerful pirate alliance in One Piece history considering there are many parties involved in it. This alliance appeared in the Wano Country arc, as a form of effort to defeat Kaido. As you know, Kaido has been attacking and controlling the Wano area for a long time. This makes the people of Wano suffer. Kozuki Oden had tried to beat Kaido, but failed.

pirate alliance

Some 20 years later, another attempt is made to defeat Kaido. What is different is that this time the Straw Hats join. And not only the Straw Hats, there are also other groups such as the Minks tribe, ninjas, samurai and other groups of pirates – the Kid and Law groups – who come together to defeat the same enemy, Kaido. And history shows that even though they were outnumbered, eventually the tide began to turn in favor of the Straw Hat alliance. They even managed to beat Big Mom and Kaido.

Pirate alliances rarely appear in One Piece stories, because they usually move independently. However, it is not uncommon for pirates to collaborate with other pirates or other parties, such as the above alliances. Will there be another powerful pirate alliance in the future? We still have to wait.

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