The 8 oldest DC Comics characters!

DC Comics has a number of the oldest characters that have appeared in their comic book stories that geeks rarely know about. Like most stories in comics, DC Comics has a lot of characters that they have featured so far. Examples are Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and many others. These characters have their own uniqueness.

Several DC Comics characters also have an age. Some are tens, hundreds, even thousands and millions of years old. However, it is true that the ages of these characters are almost never explained in detail, the aliases only appearing briefly. For this reason, there are several DC Comics characters that are considered to be the oldest characters. Who are they?


Zealot was originally not part of DC Comics but of Wildstorm Production. It was only after the company became part of DC Comics that the various characters in its stories were joined by other characters, one of which is Zealot. He frequently appears alongside Deathstroke.

It is known that the character itself is thousands of years old and is a representative of a planet called Khera. He came to earth because his ship was damaged and then mixed with the inhabitants of earth. His fighting ability is Zealot’s mainstay and he even masters the power of magic.

savage hooligan

The name Vandal Savage can rarely be heard as one of the villains appearing in DC comic stories. However, little by little the popularity of his character began to rise. Vandal Savage was endowed with powers thanks to radiation from a meteorite and is also a human who has the most complete and extensive experience. Savage has survived for a long time.

Vandal Savage’s age is estimated to be 50,000 years BC. With his very long life, Savage managed to survive several battles and also learned lessons from these battles. That experience made him one of the most dangerous foes members of the Justice League have ever faced.

martian manhunter

In fact, the age of Martian Manhunter is actually very old, although perhaps some geeks suspect that he is not that old. Before the New 52 era, Martian Manhunter was the oldest member of the Justice League. J’onn J’onnz is known to be 225 million years old or older. At that time, it was known that Mars still had an atmosphere, and that the inhabitants there could still live in peace and quiet.

oldest dc comics character

The adult J’onn J’onnz later worked as a police officer, which was the job he used when mixing with humans while on earth. Unfortunately, for now, it’s unknown how old Martian Manhunter is. However, it is possible that he is still the same age in hundreds of millions of years. At least this still makes J’onn J’onnz the oldest member of the Justice League.

Superman Prime One Million

Clark Kent Superman from the main universe may not be the oldest character in DC Comics. However, his character from another universe is one of the oldest characters in DC Comics. In DC: One Million, Superman really feels sad after losing everything he loves. Clark Kent then decides to explore the stars and is put in charge of a new generation of Superman, Superman Secundus.

Superman continues to travel until he reaches the 700th century. And in the 700th century, he gains many new powers and abilities. This version of Superman then resides in the center of the sun where, after a long time, he reappears in a golden form. Technically, the age of Superman Prime One Million is not exactly known. However, his age transcends time and space.

parliament of trees

The Swamp Thing story became one of the best DC Comics stories, where Alan Moore managed to bring shades of horror to the story. After changing history, Alan Moore introduced the Parliament of Trees in Swamp Thing. According to history, they have been around for a long time, even before humans existed or were created on earth.

oldest dc comics character

They are a variety of plants that animate and live and live deep in the Amazon jungle. The Parliament of Trees adapted life forms from the various generations of life that occurred during Earth’s evolution. One of the oldest members is a trilobite or trilobite dating to more than 500 million years ago. In the New 52 era, in addition to trees or plants, the Parliament of Trees also had members from various other elements.

Anti Monitor

The Anti-Monitor is one of the most popular and iconic characters to appear in DC Comics. He is responsible for major changes in the DC Universe by introducing the Crisis on Infinite Deaths storyline. In the comic it is explained how the DC multiverse arose and it is explained that in the DC Universe there are two parallel multiverses; Positive Matter and Antimatter.

oldest dc comics character

The positive multiverse is the multiverse that has been appearing in DC Comics stories and has its own Monitor version. However, the opposite is true in the antimatter multiverse. The Anti-Monitor is someone who absorbs positive energy from the positive multiverse which eventually destroys that world. This is why the Anti-Monitor is the same possible age as the universe, which is about nine billion years old.

new gods

Jack Kirby’s New Gods, in addition to being one of a number of epic and iconic characters, is also the longest-running character in DC Comics. Living on the planets Apokolips and New Genesis, these New Gods are the direct successors of various Norse gods. Speaking of age, just like Superman Prime One Million, the New Gods also have an age beyond time and space.

oldest dc comics character

Even so, some of them are still considered the oldest. Some of them have their age repeated because they have died multiple times, an example being Darkseid. Apart from this fact, in essence, the era of the New Gods is really beyond time and space, so they can also be considered immortal characters.

the endless

Like Zealot, The Endless was not originally from DC Comics but from Vertigo. The Endless have several stories in the DC universe after being a part of this company, making them the longest running creatures or characters in DC Comics. The Endless itself consists of Dream, Destiny, Death, Destruction, Desire, Despire, and Delirium.

oldest dc comics character

These characters are the oldest because they have existed since the time they were created in the universe and will continue to exist forever. Some of the most popular characters are Dream and Death, which were created by Neil Gaiman. In addition to being the oldest, these characters are also the strongest, in essence, as long as humanity exists and lives, they will also exist.

Of course, the older characters in a universe are always interesting to discuss. The reason is that there are always unique things about these characters, starting with strength, knowledge, experience, etc. And how they already know and see various forms of life in this universe makes them, of course, very recognizable characters.

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