The 8 most epic KW movies!

There are some of the most epic KW movies that may not be known to many geeks that imitate various popular Hollywood movies. The film industry gives us the freedom to work. Filmmakers have the opportunity to present a unique and interesting story. Filmmakers also compete to present the best.

When a movie is a big hit, the popularity of the movie will increase. In fact, when the film later has a unique and phenomenal story, it is not uncommon for the film to become very memorable. However, the downside of this is that KW or fake versions will appear to capitalize on popularity. These are some of the most epic KW movie titles.

meeting jesus

Geeks may already be familiar with Pixar’s animated film, Finding Nemo. The movie, which was released in 2003, was a huge success and remains one of the phenomenal movies to this day. The movie is about Nemo, a small clown fish, who goes missing. His father, Marlin, then goes on an adventure to find his son, where he meets many other sea creatures and fish, an example of which is Dory.

In 2020, an animated film titled Finding Jesus was released. The film, written and directed by Jason Wright, features a similar theme with a different story. If Finding Nemo tells of Marlin’s adventures in search of her son, Finding Jesus tells of two fish, Muggles and Joy, who spread Christianity and spread various Bible writings.

ape vs monsters

Another of the most epic KW movies released in recent years besides Finding Jesus. Ape vs. Monster is a science fiction film directed by Daniel Lusko and produced by The Asylum production company. From the title itself, of course, geeks are familiar with the movie they imitate, namely Godzilla vs. Kong, which was released yesterday in 2021.

Although most of the story in the movie Ape vs. Monsters that imitate Godzilla vs. Kong, but they also imitated the stories from various other films, such as the 1998 version of Godzilla, Yonggary, and Rampage. In the movie Ape vs. Our monsters will see a fight between an ape that was once sent into outer space and a scorpion that suddenly turns into a giant after being exposed to pollution.

The fast and the fierce

Apart from Finding Jesus, The Asylum also produced another epic KW movie, namely The Fast and The Fierce. This title is certainly not strange because the film mimics the popular Vin Diesel-produced Fast and Furious franchise. In fact, in addition to mimicking the movie’s story formula, The Fast And The Fierce also combines story elements from the classic Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock starring film, Speed.

The Fast And The Fierce itself tells the story of a group of terrorists who plant a bomb on a commercial airliner. The passengers of the plane are trying to survive and keep the plane in the air. The reason is that if the plane’s altitude is 800 feet, the bomb on the plane will explode. On the ground, people try to stop the plane while it catches the terrorist.

Captain Battle: Legacy War

This movie mimics one of the popular Marvel Studios movies, namely Captain America. This movie is almost the same story as the Captain America movie, with several changes to the details. The figure of Sam Battle is a former soldier who fought in the gulf war and returns to his home. In that battle, he had to lose part of his eye. A friend of his, Brandon Storm, later injected a secret serum into Battle’s body.

kw's most epic movie

The effect of the serum that was originally used to save Battlete turned out to give him a super power. Battle himself then used his strength to defeat the leader of the neo-Nazis in his neighborhood, The Necromancer. He is helped by Brandon’s sister, Jane. In this movie, geeks will see familiar things, from Captain Battle’s armor design to the Necromancer figure that looks just like the Red Skull.

the amazing bulge

Aside from Captain Battle, another Marvel movie that also has other epic KW takes on it is The Amazing Bulk. The plot of the movie is similar to The Amazing Hulk that is known so far. The difference is that if Bruce Banner gained the Hulk’s strength because he was accidentally exposed to gamma radiation, then Henry Howard deliberately injected the results of the experiments he was doing into his own body.

kw's most epic movie

So if Hulk is a green monster, Bulk is a purple monster. The trigger for the change in Henry’s body is the same as Bruce’s, that is, extraordinary emotions. Using the power that Henry has, he attempts to stop the evil efforts of an evil scientist named Dr. Werner von Kantlove.

Chop Kick Panda

Chop Kick Panda Movie is an epic animated movie from KW that mimics the plot of the popular animated movie Kung Fu Panda. In the movie Kung Fu Panda, the main character’s name is Po. Meanwhile, in Chop Kick Panda the main protagonist’s name is Zibo. In the story, Zibo is a lazy fat panda who dreams of becoming a martial artist.

But sadly, he ended up just being a cleaner at the dojo where he was training. Unbeknownst to him, an evil tiger is intent on trying to take over the kingdom. Zibo must also try to stop the evil tiger. What is interesting is that Zibo gains powerful powers after finding the Amulet of Fury hidden in the underground of the dojo.


Ratatoing is perhaps one of the most epic KW movies whose story has undergone some pretty extreme changes. In the movie Rattatouille, the figures of Remy and Alfredo Linguini are the main focus of the movie. Meanwhile, in Ratatoing, only a mouse named Marcelle Toing is the main protagonist of the story.

kw's most epic movie

What’s also epic is that if Remy is basically an ordinary rat, who later opens a little restaurant on the roof specifically for rats, then Toing is the owner of a very popular restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. Meanwhile, what is extreme in this movie is how Toing’s main mission is to steal popular recipes from other restaurants to apply them in his restaurant.

single bone

What is no less extreme than the more epic KW movies is the movie Bone Alone or Alone for Christmas. Geeks are certainly familiar with the story of Kevin McCallister, who fought and fought alone to defend his house from burglar attacks using the various traps he had provided. However, what if it wasn’t Kevin or a human who did this but a dog?

kw's most epic movieThis is what later became the main story of the movie Just for Christmas. Bone is a family dog. One day, his employer and his entire family went to visit his grandmother’s house for Christmas. Bone was left home alone. And he must survive the attacks of the thieves who broke into his house. Bone uses various things at hand to set traps.

The presentation of clones or KW of various popular movies is of course not a good thing, because they basically use existing ideas. It is still unknown if the filmmakers mentioned above have ever had any legal problems with their work. What is clear, these films have quite striking differences from the original version.

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