The 8 deadliest types of predators!

The predators that came to earth and spread terror among humans turned out to have several types that were considered the strongest and deadliest. Predator, also known as Yautja, is an alien species commonly known as Hunters, but to most people they are known as Predators. Yautja is the main character in several Predator series.

In addition to movies, the Yautja are also major characters in media ranging from television, the big screen, and even comics. As many people already know, Yautja is known as an alien species that likes to hunt other dangerous species, for example, humans. For them, it is an activity that can increase their self-esteem. However, it turns out that there are several types of predators that are considered the deadliest. Anything?

8City Hunter – Predator 2

In the sequel to The Predator, specifically Predator 2, we are introduced to another species. The first type of deadliest predator is often referred to as the “City Hunter” due to its area of ​​operations in urban areas, especially Los Angeles. In the movie, City Hunter has killed several drug gangs and what he did caught the attention of the local police.

City Hunter is indeed just as cruel and terrible as other types of Predators. However, he still adheres to the Yautja nation’s principle of honor, where it is shown that he should not kill a pregnant woman. He also did not kill the baby in his womb.

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