The 7 most powerful cosmic superheroes in the DC Universe!

The DC Universe is a vast world of superhero comics, where the scope is not only around the Earth, but also the entire universe that has a very diverse life. But did you know that in addition to the superheroes most often associated with Earth, like Superman, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter, DC has other cosmic superheroes that are no less interesting? So, this time we will talk about the seven strongest superheroes who, in addition to having cosmic abilities, also often carry out their adventures in the cosmic DC Universe or in outer space.


dc superheroes cosmic

Derived from a heavenly dimension called Final Heaven, Ahl is one of the strongest cosmic superheroes who is nicknamed ‘God of DC Superheroes’. Ahl’s appearance began when he happened to pass from Final Heaven to an interesting spot on Earth. Ahl is so respected that the place where he landed became the Justice League’s new headquarters called Mount Justice. In his brief appearance, Ahl himself states that he is a symbol of hope and the omnipotence of the universe who has many super abilities, ranging from space and time travel to immortality.

captain kite

dc superheroes cosmic

Captain Comet is the strongest cosmic superhero who often acts as the protector of the galaxy and weak planets in the DC Universe. This character, whose real name is Adam Blake, is an alien superhero who is often referred to as the ‘Man from the Future’ wherever he is. The reason is because he has a series of superpowers that are said to be possessed only by superhumans a hundred thousand years later. Where his skill line consists of super intelligence, telepathy, mind control, teleportation and other super powers that make him seem superior to Superman.

infinite man

dc superheroes cosmic

No one knows for sure who possesses the Infinity-Man identity in the DC Universe. In fact, he is an abstract being born from The Source, aka the dividing wall of the DC multiverse. When the New Genesis leader’s half-soul named Highfather becomes Infinity-Man, he proves capable of fighting two Green Lanterns and one Red Lantern at once. Although often considered a new God, his superpowers are far more diverse than theirs, including immortality, physical and superhuman stamina, flight, telekinesis, shrinking and expanding, and fusion with other beings.


dc superheroes cosmic

Connected to an alien nation calling themselves the Monitors, Nix Uotan aka Superjudge is one of DC’s strongest cosmic superheroes who has managed to save the multiverse many times over. For example, when he is shown to be able to rally the superheroes of the multiverse, including Superman and the Green Lantern Corps, to defeat his father Mandrakk. Since then, with his superpowers ranging from the ability to fly, move between dimensions, to change the reality around him, Superjudge decides to protect the multiverse from all kinds of threats.

The specters

dc superheroes cosmic

In DC history, Jim Corrigan, also known as The Specter, is known as one of the cosmic superheroes, as well as the strongest member of the Justice League, even surpassing the likes of Superman and Doctor Fate. This can happen because he is in fact a cosmic entity that describes revenge in the universe. With an array of extraordinary and varied powers, including mastery of many witches, reality shifting, and omnipotence, The Specter has dedicated his entire life to eradicating evil that other superheroes cannot defeat.


Not many DC fans know who the Multi-Alien really is. According to his identity and appearance, the Multi-Alien whose real name is Ace Arn or Ultra is the strongest cosmic superhero who has all the advantages of the four alien nations in the DC Universe. The alien powers he has include super physical strength, flight, magnetic force, and being able to manipulate electrical energy. If all these powers are combined, the Multi-Alien is capable of launching various types of deadly attacks. That’s what makes him so hard to beat.

wave riders

Lastly, the strongest superhero who often goes on adventures in the cosmic world of DC is Waverider. Initially, this character whose real name is Matthew Ryder is a scientist who exists in the 2030s. But when his world is controlled by a monster called Monarch who manages to kill all DC superheroes, he decides to time travel to the past to warn other superheroes. In the process, he instead merges with the timestream and eventually becomes a cosmic superhero capable of time travel and manipulation of time around him.

Those are the seven strongest cosmic superheroes in the DC Universe. With their extraordinary powers and abilities, these cosmic superheroes have managed to prove that they deserve to be called the true protectors of the DC Universe. Because they’re not just focused on protecting one planet or galaxy, but the entire universe, which is usually not a major concern for Earth superheroes like the Justice League. Even so, they still try to remain in harmony with the superhero values ​​embodied in the world of DC superheroes.

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