The 7 Most Dangerous Types of Kryptonite for Superman!

From 1939 until now, the DC Universe has spawned formidable foes for superheroes, especially characters as strong as Superman. However, of the many supervillains Superman has faced, it turns out that the deadliest threat to a Kryptonian actually came from an inanimate object called Kryptonite. This rare mineral that comes from the planet Krypton is made up of several types with different effects and symptoms. So, in this article, we’ll reveal the most dangerous types of Kryptonite for Superman in the long history of the DC Universe.

green kryptonite

superman dangerous kryptonite

The most dangerous kryptonite for Superman, the first of course, is green kryptonite, which has a bright green color. This Kryptonite is the variant most often found in DC comics, movies, video games, and other media. Its most prominent effect is Green Kryptonite’s ability to weaken and even kill a Kryptonian. Exposure to this Kryptonite will cause Superman’s strength and immunity to drop drastically, making him vulnerable to physical attacks. Just like COVID-19, if not treated immediately or exposed to green kryptonite, sooner or later Superman will die.

silver kryptonite

Silver Kryptonite is another Kryptonian mineral that can be very dangerous to Superman if exposed to it for too long. In fact, the effect isn’t as deadly as Green Kryptonite, where Silver Kryptonite was first introduced in the live-action series. smallville this can give intoxicating Kryptonian symptoms. In other words, if Superman is exposed to this Kryptonite, he will immediately get drunk, much like a human eating magic mushrooms or illegal drugs. When he’s drunk, of course, Superman can’t be trusted at all, he even he can suddenly go crazy because he can’t distinguish between hallucinations and reality.

kryptonite periwinkle

superman dangerous kryptonite

If the previous Silver Kryptonite had an intoxicating effect, Periwinkle Kryptonite actually had an even more embarrassing effect than that. Where Superman can suddenly become passionate and turn purple after being exposed to Periwinkle Kryptonite. As told in the comics. little titans where Brainiac shoots Superman with a Periwinkle Kryptonite light and then Superman always wants to dance with Lois Lane. Although he did not harm him, this Kryptonite was actually considered dangerous to Superman’s pride because usually when he regained consciousness, he would be very ashamed of his actions.

pink kryptonite

Another type of kryptonite that is not lethal, but can be very dangerous to Superman’s pride is pink kryptonite. The reason is that Kryptonite can instantly change the sexual orientation of Superman, who originally liked Lois Lane to like handsome men like Bruce Wayne. Although the effect is only temporary, but in a short story. justice League Action, Superman has been shown to turn into a woman because he was exposed to a very large dose of pink kryptonite. In other words, if Superman, who had married Lois, was exposed to Pink Kryptonite, then the relationship they have forged thus far could be seriously threatened.

red kryptonite

superman dangerous kryptonite

In DC history, Red Kryptonite’s origins and effects have varied greatly. But in comic events Babel Tower, the red kryptonite that Batman successfully created by injecting very high levels of nuclear radiation into this green kryptonite, can be very dangerous to Superman’s life. Where this was proven when Ra’s Al Ghul managed to steal it and then used it to torture Superman. Other reported effects of Red Kryptonite include the ability to remove Superman’s powers, drive him insane, make him color blind, age rapidly, and even turn him into a dragon.

black kryptonite

superman dangerous kryptonite

Black Kryptonite is one of the most dangerous types of Kryptonite in Superman history. Of course, in the comics superman/batman It was once said that when Superman is exposed to Black Kryptonite, he will turn into an evil and cruel version that will endanger not only himself but the entire universe as well. In the live action series smallville and CW’ supergirl, the exposure of this black kryptonite can even split a Kryptonian’s physique and identity into two opposing personas. And the only way to defeat Black Superman is to expose him to Black Kryptonite again.

gold kryptonite

superman dangerous kryptonite

Lastly, another type of Kryptonite that can be dangerous to Superman is Gold Kryptonian. Instead of weakening like Green Kryptonite or destroying the body like Red Kryptonite, Gold Kryptonite’s effect is to cause a Kryptonian to lose the ability to absorb yellow solar energy. Because the yellow Sun is the main energy that makes Superman super physical strength, he can fly and do other amazing things, which means that if he gets hit by Gold Kryptonite, all the advantages of him will be gone immediately. He would become an ordinary human who could die anytime and anywhere, even being killed by an armed robber.

Those are seven types of Kryptonite that have proven to be very dangerous to Superman’s physique and self-esteem. Although not all kryptonite is dangerous to Superman – for example, kryptonite-X, which actually restores his stamina and strength – these seven kryptonites have shown that most of Krypton’s minerals can threaten the life of Superman and those who surround them, including other Kryptonians. On the other hand, this also indirectly proves that kryptonite is an important element that cannot be separated from Superman’s history in the DC Universe.

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