The 5 tallest Ultraman in history!

Being one of the great powers in the protection of the earth, there are several Ultraman who are considered the highest in the history of the franchise. Ultraman is a unique and interesting hero, because Ultraman is a creature or entity that comes from another solar system, namely Nebula M78. They then unite with the human body on earth and provide tremendous power for these humans.

Humans who have the power of Ultraman have a duty to protect the earth from the attacks of the Kaiju. Ultraman’s own designs have their own uniqueness. However, what is clear is that they are taller than normal human size. In fact, there are also those that have an extraordinary height. Here is the tallest Ultraman in franchise history.

5ultraman chuck

Ultraman Chuck is one of the Ultraman characters that come from outside of Japan and is part of one of the characters in The Adventure Begins. Like Shin Hayata and the others, Ultraman Chuck merged with a dead human pilot named Chuck Gavin. He is the leader of Ultraforce and is the oldest among his other friends.

One of the unique things about Ultraman Chuck himself is the design on his helmet, which has an additional design on his chin to make it look like a beard. When Chuck becomes an Ultraman figure, Ultraman Chuck’s height can reach 79 meters and weigh up to 64,000 tons. This figure is, in fact, slightly higher than Ultrawoman Beth.

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