The 5 Strongest Superman Kids!

Clark Kent, also known as Superman, is one of the most famous characters in the DC Universe. And as a Kryptonian alien, he is endowed with extraordinary powers that make him nearly invincible, ranging from flight, superhuman strength, heat vision to ice breath. So, in his journey, it turns out that Superman has also passed down several of his superpowers to his biological children who are scattered throughout the history of the Elseworlds, aka the multiverse. That is why in this article, we will specifically discuss the five strongest sons of Superman whose existence is quite amazing!

5jon kent

Jonathan Kent, or also known as Jon, is the biological son of Superman in the main DC universe. Where his mother is none other than Lois Lane, Superman’s co-worker and life partner, known as a brave, firm and compassionate woman. Although his mother was just an ordinary human, Jon inherited almost all of his father’s Kryptonian superpowers. Meanwhile, from his mother, Jon gets more good traits and characteristics that make him even more unique.

The reason why Jon really deserves to be included in the category of the strongest kid Superman is because from a young age he has started to adapt to his super strength. In one of his stories, he is even told that he is trapped on Earth-3, the universe of the evil Justice League. Where in the process he was able to defeat the evil version of his father called Ultraman, before finally returning to his universe. It is at this point that he is known to start developing much faster than Superman.

In addition to basic Kryptonian powers such as flight, superhuman strength, heat vision, and ice breath, Jon eventually becomes the second Superman in the main universe after his father is shown to have powers unlike any other. Kryptonian has. That is manipulating the Sun’s energy stored in his body and then extracting it in another way. For example, powerful electrical energy that can be focused into his fists and also additional physical energy that makes him stronger.

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