The 10 Worst Idol Scenes!

The Idol eventually had to stop airing after five episodes, but some of the worst scenes came out during those five episodes. Since the inception, The Idol series, which aired on the HBO streaming platform, has generated controversy in various circles. Many elements of the series have provoked protests from people, for example, the many adult scenes.

This series is also considered to promote a free nightlife filled with illegal drugs. The story itself centers on Jocelyn, who tries to deal with various problems in her life. The series itself was scheduled to air for six episodes, but was ultimately canceled after five episodes had aired. There are some of the worst scenes in The Idol series. Anything?

1Torturing people with electric collars

One of the worst and most disturbing scenes in The Idol series is when Tedros gets mad at a character named Xander. Tedros is angry that Xander betrayed Jocelyn. However, Xander explains that it was Jocelyn herself who insisted on not telling anyone about her mother, who often abused her.

It was Jocelyn’s mother who forced Xander to sign a contract saying that he could no longer sing. However, she Jocelyn thought she was. Tedros then put a shock collar on Xander’s neck and then tortured him. In fact, there is no context for the scene with the story.

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