The 10 Strongest Superhero Armors!

Some superheroes have the strongest costumes that are not only their trademark but are also very helpful in carrying out various missions. Costumes have become one of the essential things for superheroes. Costumes are just as important as their other powers, so it’s not uncommon for heroes to deliberately design their costumes to be both attractive and functional.

Superhero costumes have profound value. Aside from being their trademark that sets them apart from other superheroes, the costume seems to have become an “identity” that is one with the superhero. It turns out that various costumes for these heroes have other functions as well. And here is a row of the strongest superhero costumes.

Blade’s Silver Armor

Blade usually appears more often in a completely black outfit, starting with the robe and even the clothes he wears. However, in the Blade the Vampire Hunter comic strip that was released in 1999. In this story, Blade once wore an interesting and unique outfit where this outfit was made of silver, which is one of the weaknesses of vampires.

This also makes the Silver Armor suit not only an interesting difference, but also an advantage when Blade has to deal with multiple enemies. On the other hand, this armor also gives him extra protection when he fights. Unfortunately, the costume didn’t last long, only appearing for two years.


The figure of Dr. John Henry has a great motivation to be the new figure of Superman. And long story short, he managed to do just that. He managed to save the inhabitants of the planet Krypton from Doomsday’s attacks. After completing her mission, Dr. John Henry went on to have one of the strongest superhero costumes ever.

John makes armor that can protect him from various enemies and a big hammer. John Henry also later used the name Steel as his hero’s name. Aside from his terrifying hammer attack, he can also fly and move quite agilely with the help of the rockets on his boots. And, of course, the most important function is to provide more protection for John.

rocket red armor

Rocket Red Armor is a superhero costume worn by a group of Heroes of the Soviet Union, the Rocket Red Brigade. They appear in the Green Lantern comics. With the United States having so many superheroes that they could use, the Soviet Union did not want to lose and felt they needed the same troops or military force to balance the United States’ strength.

This is the reason why they created the Rocket Red Brigade. The ability of the Rocket Red Brigade armor is that in addition to providing defense and also the ability to fly, this armor is capable of controlling enemy machines or computers. One thing that later became an advantage was how this armor was mass produced. That is to say, when the Rocket Red Brigade troops come together, this armor will be very terrible.

blue beetles

Blue Beetle has armor that is highly adaptable and is part sentient beings, making this superhero costume one of a kind. Jaime Reyes is the figure behind the name Blue Beetle. He can transform into this hero character thanks to the help of a beetle (scarab) shaped amulet. The beetle has an extraterrestrial origin, giving it great strength and an epic costume.

strongest superhero costume

In addition to being able to withstand attacks from Green Lantern and even Superman, this Blue Beetle costume is capable of creating a weapon that can be tailored to the enemy Jaime is facing at the time. For example, in the fight against Superman, this Blue Beetle costume creates a Kryptonite weapon. The way this costume “lives” and is able to adapt is why this is one of the strongest superhero costumes around.

Hellbat Armor

Hellbat Armor is the armor worn by Batman aka Bruce Wayne made by members of the Justice League. Some of the Justice League members who built this armor include Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and all of them were later assembled by Superman in the sun. The purpose of making this armor is to make Batman able to match the strength of other superheroes to face existing cosmic threats. The downside of this Hellbat Armor is that everything works based on Bruce Wayne’s metabolism. If he wore this armor for too long, he might die.

black panthers

Black Panther is one of the Marvel characters that wasn’t very popular at first. However, thanks to his appearance in the MCU, played by Chadwick Boseman, his character finally began to catch on. Black Panther has one of the strongest superhero costumes of all time, thanks to vibranium technology, which is one of the costume’s materials.

strongest superhero costume

This Black Panther costume will increase the agility of the wearer, most obviously increasing the strength of the wearer. The great thing about the other Black Panther costumes is that, thanks to the vibranium technology, all attacks directed at the costume wearer will be completely absorbed. So, his strength could be restored multiple times.


The Iron Spider costume is one of the strongest superhero costumes, as well as one of the strongest costumes Spider-Man has ever had. In the comics, the Iron Spider is a suit designed by Tony Stark to make Peter Parker stronger. For example, by adding additional spider arms behind his body. There is also a camera that can see all angles.

Iron Spider has the same HUD or head-up display used in Iron Man’s armor. Peter Parker can also receive information directly through his costume. The mask that he wears in this costume is also designed to be as functional as possible for Peter Parker’s convenience. In addition to being one of the strongest costumes, this costume really gives Peter a strength boost.

destroyer of justice

Besides Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne is also smart and an inventor. What’s different is that while Tony has many versions of the Iron Man armor, Bruce Wayne doesn’t make many Batman costumes. Still, that doesn’t mean Bruce never made epic costumes. Just as Tony made the Hulkbuster, Bruce Wayne once made armor similar to the name of Justice Buster.

strongest superhero costume

So what differentiates Hulkbuster from Justice Buster is that while Hulkbuster is designed only to defeat Hulk, Justice Buster is designed by Batman to destroy all members of the Justice League. The proof is that this costume has the advantage that Bruce can beat every member of the Justice League making him invincible.

XO Manowar

In addition to the Jaime Reyes costume, the XO Manowar costume or armor is also unique. This costume has quite a reputation considering that the costume dates back millions of years and even this costume is considered divine by many beings. What is both terrifying and terrifying is that this armor can choose whether the wearer is deserving of this power.

strongest superhero costume

When someone is deemed unfit to wear the costume, they will die instantly. However, if the figure is later deemed appropriate, such as Aric of Dacia, he will gain tremendous power. This armor gives Aric a very strong exoskeleton, capable of using laser weapons, flying, and what is unique is that the reputation or honor level of the wearer will increase considering that the costume is a god.

Godhunter Armor

Armor Iron Man Model 63, also known as Godbuster Armor, is the strongest superhero costume ever. First appearing in Iron Man #10, this costume truly surpasses the abilities and strengths of all existing armor. Tony Stark designed this armor in a virtual reality called Escape. In this reality, Tony was given the freedom to design his armor without restrictions.

strongest superhero costumeSo, Tony decided to recreate the armor in the real world. The proof of the genius of this armor is that it is not known how far its maximum capabilities go. Arno and Iron Heart couldn’t even estimate how far and how strong the armor was, which of course was terrifying. Tony Stark himself ultimately decided to destroy this armor.

Superheroes certainly need the strongest costumes or armor to be able to survive the various threats out there. The reason is that often the opponents or enemies they are facing have terrible strength. With the earth and humanity as well as the universe at stake, superheroes really need the strongest costumes like the ones on the list above.

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