The 10 oldest Ultraman in Toei history!

In the Ultraman franchise, many Ultra heroes are featured in the story and some of them are considered to be the oldest in history. As introduced in the story, Ultraman is a very strong hero who comes from outer space. They come from the planet Nebula. These Ultra Heroes often team up with the humans who become their containers.

So far, many Ultraman have been introduced in the story. And the interesting thing is that these Ultramen also have ages like humans. Some Ultramen are considered to be the oldest in history due to their age, having lived for a long time. So who are they? Here is the list.

10ultraman noah

Ultraman Noa is actually Ultraman, which was deliberately presented as an attempt by Tsuburaya to present a new story. In this case, they wanted to present a darker, more mature story. Ultraman Noa is also the first in the reboot project. And the interesting thing is that Noa is in a different universe than other Ultramen.

Despite Ultraman Noa being in another multiverse, he is still considered part of Ultraman’s army and is the oldest in history chronologically. According to his information, Ultraman Noa is 350,000 years old. What is also interesting is that Ultraman Noa is the final evolution of the other two Ultramans, namely Ultraman Nexus and The Next.

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