The 10 Most Accurate Live Action Anime!

Although there are many live action anime that actually deviate from the original story, there are also some that are more accurate because they match the original version. Presenting a live-action version of an anime has become quite a popular trend since the last few decades. Many production houses try to make anime stories “real.”

Even so, in reality, these various live-action anime projects often receive criticism from fans, especially since they do not match what the source presented. However, there are several live action anime that match what is presented by the original source. Here are the most accurate live action anime.

Rurouni Kenshin

The first most accurate live action anime film was Rurouni Kenshin. Geeks are certainly no strangers to this movie, because Rurouni Kenshin has been given a lot of praise. This film, starring Takeru Sato, presents the story of Himura Kenshin from the beginning until he decides to retire and goes on an adventure to make amends.

most accurate live action anime

The fans themselves are very happy because the various epic moments featured in the original story have been beautifully presented in the live action version. Like the time of Kenshin’s fight against Enishi or Tomoe Yukishiro’s death. In fact, there are also some parts that are dramatized for the purposes of the film’s image. Other than that though, the film’s plot and cast appearance are truly extraordinary.


Another one of the most accurate live action anime movies is Bleach which was released in 2018 and managed to gross nearly five million US dollars. This movie also received a lot of positive reviews and even its value on the movie rating site Rotten Tomatoes reached 71%. Bleach is also considered capable of keeping the story in line with the original source.

One example is where the story begins with Ichigo Kurosaki, a fifteen-year-old high school student living in Karakura Town. In addition to being able to keep the story in line with the original version, the Bleach movie is also considered capable of bringing to life the comedy side and various other elements that are something fans love about the Bleach story.

Death Note

In fact, Tsugumi Ohba’s Death Note has finished its story since 2004. However, the popularity of the series is truly extraordinary where it can still survive till now. Death Note is considered one of the first examples of live-action anime success, as this movie actually adapted almost the entire story. For example, how Light Yagami becomes Kira thanks to the Death Note.

He also killed several criminals, as well as anyone who tried to stop him. However, what he did caused more fear than peace as he had imagined. Until then, a mysterious detective figure tries to stop him. The story is certainly no stranger to geeks who know the original story.

Alitta: Battle Angel

The movie Alitta: Battle Angel was released in 2019 and centers on Alitta, a cyborg girl who is going through an identity crisis. Alitta was found by a professor who had a background in robotics. Finally, the professor gave Alitta a second chance to contribute something to the city where she lives. Alitta: Battle Angel itself is an anime adaptation by Yukito Kishiro.

most accurate live action anime

In practice, Alitta: Battle Angel doesn’t just adapt the original story of the anime. Director Robert Rodriguez and producer James Cameron also adapted various science fiction elements from other films. Unfortunately, Alitta’s film was not successful enough on the market. Even so, the popularity of Alitta’s film itself is quite extraordinary.

let me eat your pancreas

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas is a web novel written by Yoru Sumino. Due to its relatively high popularity, the web novel was finally adapted into a manga version in 2016. A live-action film of this story was then made in 2017 with the title Let Me Eat Your Pancreas, where the film introduces the story about Sakura Yamauchi who is suffering from pancreatic cancer.

His male friend also tried to fulfill all of Yamauchi’s wishes before dying. What is interesting is that apart from bringing the story to life from the original source, this movie also adds other details that are not present in the stories of the manga or the web novel. Also, the story featured in this movie was made into an anime version in 2018.

big blue

A light story, full of comedy or joke elements, and many epic story moments are some of the things featured in the Grand Blue live-action movie, which was released yesterday in 2020. Grand Blue itself is an unusual anime and manga series, in which they focus on a group of college kids with a slice-of-life theme and not high school students.

most accurate live action anime

The Grand Blue movie was able to feature several existing elements from the original sources, namely manga and anime. The Grand Blue live action movie can actually blend in with the audience better. In fact, there are also many moments that are presented even better in this movie version. Grand Blue adapts the original version, but does not necessarily copy the entire story or elements of the story.

alice on the border

Most live-action anime adaptations have a negative reputation, being considered either incapable of living up to the original story, or much worse than the original story. However, Alice in Borderland is an exception to this. In fact, the series is considered by many to be an interesting and popular way to learn more about the franchise.

most accurate live action anime

In contrast to the Alice in Borderland OVA in 2014, which was considered less successful, this live-action series that aired on Netflix was very successful in adapting the story from Haro Aso’s manga. Although people are less familiar with the plot of the manga, they can still enjoy the story. It is not uncommon for people to immediately become curious about the manga’s story after watching the series.

assassination classroom

The live action Assassination Classroom, which released in 2015, is an interesting example. The reason is that this movie was released in the same year as the anime version. Despite various stresses and pressures from the film’s cast and production crew, Assassination Classroom managed to produce a quality film and received many positive reviews.

Most of the fans gave good marks to this movie which managed to capture the nuances of humor and sentiment from the anime and manga to be presented in a live action version. Even so, unfortunately, unlike the first film, this sequel to Assassination Classroom was not well received.


Adapted from Ai Yazawa’s popular manga, Nana tells the story of two very different women with the same name. They later become roommates and best friends after meeting on a train bound for Tokyo. Both the manga and the anime and the live-action film have managed to present the stories of the two characters very well.

most accurate live action anime

Nana’s film is able to adapt the original source very well, not only in terms of the characters played by Aoi Miyazaki and Mika Nakashima. However, this movie also manages to present a presentation of the story that is in keeping with the manga or anime version. Unfortunately this movie released a sequel in 2006 which was not as successful as the first movie.

One piece

One Piece is the latest example of the most accurate live action anime adaptation. This series, which will soon be broadcast on the Netflix platform, adapts the very popular story of Eiichiro Oda. From the two trailers that have been released, we can see how Netflix and the production team are trying to present various things in the One Piece series according to what is listed in the original source.

most accurate live action anime

Aside from the characters, they don’t even hesitate to spend huge amounts of money every episode to build a ship in its original size. Eiichiro Oda directly oversees the production process of the series, which is one of the reasons why fans can’t wait to see the series, which is considered to be in line with what is presented in the anime and manga.

Where many movie or series titles try to improvise from the original source in their live-action projects, the various titles above try to stay true to the anime or manga, though some elements are modified later on as well. This is what makes these various live-action projects considered the most accurate.

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