The 10 Most Accurate Biopics!

Although most biopics are considered less accurate, it turns out that there are also biopics that are actually the most accurate with various existing facts. Movies with the biopic genre are one of the genres that are quite popular among movie lovers. The biopic itself is a genre that presents a story or life story of an important figure.

Usually, the figure who later becomes the subject of the film’s story has a great influence in this world. However, existing biopics are often seen as deviating from various facts or actual reality. This is what many people criticize. Even so, there are not a few biopics that really do match the facts. Here are the most accurate biographies.

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Capote is a biographical film about the award-winning nonfiction novelist Truman Capote. The title of the novel itself is In Cold Blood. Capote’s film features a connection between Capote and a killer named Perry Smith, in which he writes about the perpetrator’s personal life and his criminal life.

Many critics then praised the appearance of Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Capote. They praised that Hoffman managed to portray Capote’s character so accurately. The film slightly manipulates the truth of the story at several points, such as the way Capote provides legal support to the perpetrator.

12 years a slave

This movie presents the true story of how terrible the slavery of the African-American race was in ancient times. 12 Years a Slave centers on the figure of Solomon Northup, the son of an African-American who is kidnapped and later sold into slavery. This film also does not hesitate to present the brutal and inhuman deeds of the slave owners.

most accurate biopic

The movie 12 Years a Slave is considered to not only present an accurate story. The story also tries carefully to tease out Northup’s time as a slave, which is supported by multiple sources. This film also presents information that many people don’t know well, such as what he did before his death and what happened to Northup when he died.


Downfall is famous for its very complicated and difficult story. The movie itself centers around one of the most phenomenal figures of World War II, namely Adolf Hitler. Downfall narrates the moment of Hitler’s defeat and his last days in Berlin. He slowly began to lose hope of victory, as his allies began to betray and the situation was not profitable for Hitler.

most accurate biopic

Much of the material that appears in Downfall’s story is taken from various sources, for example those who were eyewitnesses while in the Führerbunker and various other historical records. This movie is so accurate in depicting the figure of Adolf Hitler, as well as the various facts presented in the movie, that a lot of controversy arose over the movie Downfall.


Musicians are often the subject of biopics and Control is one example. Control Itself is a biographical film about the lead singer of the legendary band Joy Division, Ian Curtis. This is the second movie to focus on the band Joy Division, after 24 Hour Party People, which is a comedy-drama movie. Many people consider Control to be a much more accurate way of describing the band.

People think that the portrayal of the band Joy Division and Ian Curtis’ loved ones is very accurate in the movie Control. The interesting thing is that the director behind this movie is actually a photographer for the band Joy Division itself. The film’s co-producer is none other than Ian’s wife, Deborah Curtis. Even so, some members of Joy Division still question the accuracy of this movie.

walk the line

Biographical films are often very careful with certain figures or events, because misrepresentation or information can be fatal. This is why so many biopics rarely feature someone’s comedown. However, this is different from Walk the Line where the film presents the dark side of singer Johnny Cash at various points in his life and various shortcomings.

most accurate biopic

The film Walk the Line is an adaptation of Johnny Cash’s own autobiography, which candidly presents his life story. The film shows how Johnny Cash is considered disobedient to his religion and shows him using illegal drugs. Despite all the controversy, audiences have praised the film’s accuracy.


Rush is a racing film that tells of the real-world rivalry between British racer James Hunt and Austrian racer Niki Lauda. The film features many real events at the Formula 1 event in 1976, including the events that changed both of their lives. One of them is the moment of Lauda’s fatal and terrible accident and the various serious injuries he suffered.

The Rush movie has been heavily criticized for being too exaggerated in presenting the true story. The story is also considered to remove the history of friendship that exists between Hunt and Lauda, ​​especially in the early period of their career where they even lived together. Other than that, for those who are familiar with the various events that took place will find the depiction in this film to be very accurate.


Oppenheimer is one of the most accurate biographies. Christopher Nolan’s film was released a few days ago and received critical acclaim thanks to Nolan’s brilliant way of presenting this film. It tells the story of J Robert Oppenheimer himself, a figure who is nicknamed as father of the atomic bomb. This film tells the story of Oppenheimer from when he was in college, creating the atomic bomb, to his feud with Lewis Strauss.

schindler’s list

Schindler’s List is one of the most popular historical drama movies of all time. The film is about an important figure in the real world named Oskar Schindler who tries to save thousands of Jews who were persecuted by the Nazis during the Holocaust. In addition to the drama that was deliberately staged and some events that never happened, there were several others that actually happened.

most accurate biopic

Many Jewish citizens and historians have praised this film. The horrifying and cruel events that occurred during the Holocaust depicted in this film have inspired many other World War II-themed films. Many are also surprised by the criticisms out there, as they tend to focus on the German, Jew-destroying perspective rather than factual accuracy.


Lincoln is a biographical film that tells the story of one of the most historic and popular presidents of the United States, namely Abraham Lincoln. The story itself adapts some of the most memorable moments in the president’s life outside of the American Civil War. Lincoln talks about the formation of the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery in the United States.

Many criticize that the way in which Abraham Lincoln made the amendments is not considered too accurate with respect to the actual events. Apart from this, the critics themselves praised the quality of the Lincoln film’s investigation and how Daniel Day-Lewis managed to bring the character of the president to life.

ford v ferrari

The latest most accurate biopic is Ford v Ferrari where this biopic features something unusual. The film does not feature a story about a celebrity or major figure, but rather a team of automotive engineers trying to present the glory of the Ford auto company and defeat Ferrari’s dominance, especially in the Le Mans race.

most accurate biopic

This movie features popular figures like Henry Ford II and also the racing driver Ken Miles. Ford v Ferrari was praised for the accuracy of the story it presented. Although the movie isn’t a perfect retelling of existing history, some aspects of what happened in the real world at the time did happen. Like how Ferrari underestimated Ford and the epic moment at the Le Mans race.

Submitting a biopic is certainly not an easy matter because they have to research various sources first. They also have to confirm the story or information. And some of the earlier movies are examples of how these biopics manage to accurately tell the existing story.

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