The 10 Biggest Plot Twists From Marvel And DC Comics!

Apart from the world of cinema, in fact, the world of comics usually has the biggest plot twists that surprise readers. The world of comics has become a medium that can give writers the freedom to do whatever they want. For example, returning a previously killed character in a story. Or introduce another world or universe.

Even so, the plots that appear in comics often manage to attract the attention of others. And one of the things that makes comics interesting is the appearance of various plot twists that are, of course, unexpected. So what are the biggest plot twists in the world of comics? Here is the list.

Swamp Thing is not Alec Holland

Swamp Thing is indeed one of the underrated characters in the DC Comics universe. In fact, the Swamp Thing has powers and is an interesting character. In the story, the Swamp Thing is explained to be the incarnation of an environmental expert named Alec Holland, who then blends in with the natural surroundings.

However, it turns out that Alec’s biggest plot twist isn’t the Swamp Thing incarnate. The Swamp Thing character is actually a container or avatar for The Green or the elemental force that connects all plant life in the world. This is directly explained by John Constantine. Even so, Swamp Thing still has Alec Holland’s subconscious.

Steve Rogers murdered

In the Civil War storyline, Steve Rogers stuck to his position until he saw that people actually supported Iron Man. This made Steve realize that his decision was wrong and he finally turned himself in. Steve is being held captive by SHIELD and when he is about to go on trial something terrible happens.

Steve Rogers was murdered by his lover, Sharon Carter. Sharon is Peggy Carter’s cousin. However, this is not done voluntarily. Sharon, also known as Agent 13, turns out to be controlled by Dr. Faust and the Red Skull. They hypnotized Sharon and gave her suggestions to end Steve’s life. What’s interesting though is that Crossbones had previously shot Steve and Sharon and then fired a second time.

Joker shot Barbara Gordon

The biggest plot twist in the comic.

The Killing Joke is one of the iconic stories from the Batman and DC Comics comics. The reason is that the comic presents a different and very interesting story. We get to see the Joker’s past history and the reason why he became such a terrible figure. However, there is something surprising in this comic.

In one such moment, the Joker shows up at Gordon’s house at night. Barbara suspected that it was her father who called. However, he turns out to be the Joker and his henchmen. The Joker shoots Barbara in her pelvis, which shatters her bones and paralyzes her. Barbara herself rose from her depression and became the figure we know as the Oracle.

The great secret of Krakoa and the mutants

The rise of the island of Krakoa has brought many changes to the lives of mutants in the Marvel universe. However, there is a big secret that has been kept related to Krakoa and Mutants. It turns out that Krakoa was the creation of mutant geniuses. At first, Moira McTaggert and Charles Xavier believed that the right combination of mutants would be able to raise the dead.

In order to make this happen, Xavier and Magneto ordered Mr. Sinister to collect genetic material from all mutants on earth. Xavier then ordered Forge to create a device that could contain the entire subconscious of mutants. Finally, after the birth or appearance of Krakoa, we also meet the Five, namely Hope Summer, Proteus, Elixir, Tempus, and Egg. They then resurrected the dead mutants.

identity silence

Tommy Elliot is a boy born with luxury, wealth and various things that brighten his life. Once a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, he even managed to beat him in several games. Unfortunately, unlike Bruce, Elliot’s parents didn’t really love his son. In effect, Elliot tried to kill his parents.

When he entered medical school, Tommy Elliot met Edward Nashton, also known as the Riddler. Elliot himself wants the Riddler to help him get revenge on Bruce Wayne, who then provides important information if Bruce and Batman are one identity. Elliot then uses Hush’s identity and attempts to destroy Batman. Elliot has done many crazy and terrible things to defeat Batman.

Skrulls in disguise

The biggest plot twist in the comic.

The Skrulls were initially introduced as aliens who were opposed to the Fantastic Four and were not an intelligent nation. However, over time, Marvel Comics provided something different for the Skrulls. We can see this in the story of Secret Invasion. One of the results of the Civil War and the destruction of the Avengers was that Ronin ended up fighting the Hand alone.

Ronin was eventually caught and the figure behind Ronin was revealed to be Echo. Wolverine convinced the New Avengers to save Echo. During the battle, Echo kills Elektra, who later finds out that Elektra is a Skrull. This causes the New Avengers to finally distrust each other.

Old man Logan kills the X-Men

Logan is in fact one of the strongest members of the X-Men. Therefore, he was always a pillar. However, Wolverine #70 shows how Old Man Logan ended up killing the X-Men team. In the story, it is shown how Mysterio managed to trick Logan’s mind.

In the illusion Mysterio created, the existing members of the X-Men are his sworn enemies. That also made Old Man Logan finish them off brutally and horribly. This causes Logan to no longer get involved in any fights.

Jason Todd back to life

The biggest plot twist in the comic.

Bruce Wayne experienced deep sadness when he had to lose Jason Todd. Jason had to die when he was caught by the Joker. Dang, the villain ended his life by hitting Jason with a crowbar. Batman was grieving and Bruce tried to forget the terrible moment. Jason Todd was later raised from the dead six months later by Talia al Ghul using the Lazarus Pit.

Talia then coaches Jason so she can calm his anger. However, Jason refused this. Jason later joined the League of Assassins and was trained by Bronze Tiger and Lady Shiva. He then leaves when he realizes that they don’t care about justice. Jason himself then went to Gotham and attempted to avenge Batman and Joker using the identity of the Red Hood. However, his efforts failed. Jason had done his vigilante action abroad before returning to the Bat-Family.

Ozymandias’s great plan

The biggest plot twist in the comic.

With Ozymandias’ intelligence, it seems only natural that this would be one of the biggest plot twists in the world of comics. In the comic story Watchmen, Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias sees that the chaos that is taking place in the world between the United States and Russia must stop. He then came up with a plan for them to work together and save people.

Veidt then plans an alien attack which then attacks New York. Rorschach and Nite-Owl managed to unravel the puzzle of Ozymandias’s plan. Various other superheroes are also trying to prevent bad things from happening more widely. The plot twist is that when Rorschach and Nite-Owl try to find out the plan from Veidt, aka Ozymandias, he himself says that he actually leaked the plan 35 minutes ago.

death of gwen stacy

The biggest plot twist in the comic.

Some geeks may not know that before Peter Parker had an affair with Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker’s girlfriend was actually Gwen Stacy. And in Amazing Spider-Man #121 it is shown how Peter had to lose his lover after the Green Goblin managed to kill him.

The Green Goblin knows that Gwen is an important figure in Peter’s life and later kidnaps her. He then put Gwen on top of the Brooklyn Bridge. After the fight broke out, the Goblin pushed Gwen down, causing Peter to quickly pull out a net and hold Gwen’s body over her feet. However, it turns out that Gwen’s head had already hit the ground, ultimately killing Gwen.

In fact, comic stories can feature the biggest plot twists that are not inferior to movie stories. In fact, these various plot twists have a huge impact on the story going forward as well. Even so, there are many plot twists that do not interest fans. What do you think?

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