Synopsis When It Stops Here, the second film by Umay Shahab

When It Stops Here is a film that takes the theme of loss as the outline of its story.

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Who can’t wait to see the latest film by Umay Shahab, starring Prilly Latuconsina? Qualification when it stopped hereThe film will hit theaters on July 27.

when it stopped here It is a film that takes the theme of loss as the outline of its story. In each process we go through, we often feel lost and will fight to stay alive and let go of what is no longer meant to be together.

The latest production from Sinemaku Pictures, when it stopped here It is written by Alim Sudio and Umay Shahab and directed by Umay Shahab.

Players involved include Prilly Latuconsina, Bryan Domani, Refal Hady, Lutesha, Sal Priadi, Cut Mini and Widyawati.

Previously, Sinemaku Pictures had also made its first film with the title I thought you were at home. The movie is even included in the ranks of best Indonesian movies for 2022 and managed to garner over 2 million viewers.

when it stopped here will use a song by an Indonesian singer, Nadin Amizah, as the soundtrack with the title song Sorai.

Synopsis when it stopped here

Dita (Prilly Latuconsina) is a graphic designer with high ideals, but is afraid of failure. One day she meets an architect named Ed (Bryan Domani).

The meeting, which started with a misunderstanding, ended in a warm conversation. Two humans who are similar but not the same finally come together.

Unfortunately, four years after their first meeting, Dita felt that their relationship had stagnated, inadvertently Dita was always demanding that Ed do what he wanted. It reached its peak when Dita terrorized Ed with a barrage of phone calls, Ed was in an accident and died.

Hearing the news suddenly made Dita feel devastated and filled with guilt. Pressing himself to the brink of endless sadness.

Two years later, Dita tries to forget about everything about Ed and tries to live her new life with Ifan (Refal Hady), her best friend since childhood and now her lover.

Not too long ago, Dita actually got some ‘LOOK’ glasses with technology Augmented reality (AR) that can present the figure of Ed, exactly like the real one. This caused doubts to arise. Will Dita accept Ed’s presence again or will she stay with Ifan?

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