Synopsis Sick of myself, when the narcissistic level can’t be helped

Sick of Myself tackles the problem of narcissism in a unique way

A satirical Norwegian film that presents narcissistic issues in a darker way. sick of myself film written and directed by Kristoffer Borgli. There is a lot of social commentary in this movie. sick of myself can be seen in clickfilm as of July 2023.

Synopsis sick of myself

An attractive young couple sitting in the middle of a fancy restaurant in Norway. Signe (Kristine Kujath Thorp) and Thomas (Eirik Sæther) don’t seem to be in love,

However, they had a great time with a birthday dessert and a $2300 bottle of wine. At the end of dinner, Thomas told Signe to take the call outside.

As soon as Signe left the restaurant, she stole the remaining bottles of wine and ran away. Seeing this, an angry maid chased after him. Signe, who was ignored on the sidewalk, looks on in disbelief as the waiter walks past him after missing Thomas.

He hates not being recognized, even if it costs him. Later, as Thomas celebrates the robbery of him with his friends at a party, Signe watches jealously from the spotlight.

At which point, we find ourselves with the unhappy, competitive, and self-destructive couple vying for the coveted spotlight.

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The wine incident was just the first of many tricks Thomas and Signe would use to get each other’s attention: exaggerating one’s role in an emergency.

Lots of topics like: fake allergies, exhibits of repurposed stolen artwork, self-aggrandizing magazine interviews, Russian drug addiction leading to bad skin conditions, other health issues, and ill-fated modeling assignments.

Life quickly spirals out of control, but regrets are rare. For the director and writer Kristoffer Borgli it is the story of two narcissists; elegant but empty, beautiful but grotesque up close.

We follow Signe’s journey more than Thomas, and inside his head, at every setback or opportunity, he always sees himself as the victim or the hero and everyone as his devotees.

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In addition to the couple’s antics, Borgli’s film also satirizes the selfie-fueled pursuit of fame and fortune in modern times. Every bad thing that is done to get attention becomes an opportunity to take advantage of what happened.

Like an addiction she’d developed out of her insatiable craving for attention, Signe couldn’t or wouldn’t stop herself from self-destructing, going off the rails at top speed.

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