Synopsis of The Narrow Road, Hong Kong drama about the pandemic

The story of two lovebirds who survive the pandemic

Hong Kong drama film and second feature directed by Lam Sum. Lam Sum directed the film from a script by Fean Chung, which was produced by MM2 Studios.

Set during the early days of the Covid pandemic. the narrow path or with the original Chinese title: Zhai lu wei chen, first released in Hong Kong at the end of 2022.

This film had its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on August 19, 2022. The film received critical acclaim from various parts and won 5 awards.

We can criticize the idea of ​​a pandemic film, but perhaps it was inevitable that cinema was used to attempt some kind of ‘grand prosecution’ in recent years.

In the end, one of these attempts will probably overturn our skepticism, no matter how reasoned. the narrow path You can see it on the Klikfilm platform.

Synopsis the narrow path

It features a man and a woman, both experiencing financial difficulties, forming a bond that provides solace in their personal struggles, before threatening to tear them apart again.

The Narrow Path (2022)
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Louis Cheung Kai-chung stars as Chak, the honest operator of a cleaning business operating amid a sluggish economy and a dwindling supply of detergent.

Even though she barely has time to take care of her ailing mother (Patra Au Ga), all the hard work she puts in doesn’t help much.

Chak’s lonely life is interrupted when Candy (Angela Yuen), a brightly dressed single mother, lives with her daughter Chu (On-na Tung).

Chak lives in a windowless apartment in the industrial building where he has an office, answering job ads as a cleaning assistant.

Chak soon realizes Candy’s survival tactics as an outcast with no family or friends. Resourceful in often unethical ways, she steals or cheats for a living without remorse.

Eventually, Candy is convinced to change her ways, but old, seemingly hostile, seemingly hostile circumstances and circumstances are slowly destroying the couple.

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