Synopsis of Cinta Dua Masa, the new series by Prilly Latuconsina

Cinta Dua Masa tells about Alma (Prilly Latuconsina) and Langit (Dikta) who are thrown back in time. To return to the future, both of you must complete the existing mission.

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This month there is a new show starring the talented young actress Prilly Latuconsina, namely the movie when it stopped here which is scheduled to hit theaters on July 27. Then there is the Vidio original series which was also directed by Umay Shahab titled two time love.

Apart from Prilly Latuconsina, this series also stars Dikta Wicaksono. The premise is about two people who are heartbroken and go back in time. Both also have a mission to improve their relationship with each partner.

two time love it will soon air on Vidio on July 14, before that check out the synopsis two time love under this!

Synopsis two time love

This series tells the story of two people who are going through a heartbreak, accidentally meet and start sharing sad stories with each other. They are Alma (Prilly Latuconsina) and Langit (Dikta Wicaksono).

One day, the two of them suddenly go back in time after messing with Langit’s watch. They enter the phase of infants, elementary school children, adolescents and adults.

Searching for answers to what happened, they both gave themselves the mission of improving their relationship with their partners so that in the future they do not have a broken heart again. The mission is named by Alma as the Mission of a Broken Heart.

The two began a mission to improve their relationship with their respective partners. Both Alma and Langit tried to help each other in order to improve the situation in the past that could have a positive impact in the future.

However, when the seeds of love begin to grow between Alma and Langit, can the two complete the mission? Or do they carve a new story?

Player two time love

In addition to Prilly Latuconsina and Dikta Wicaksono, series two time love also brought together the legendary couple Irgi Achmad Fahrezi and Mona Ratuliu from soap operas millennial lupus. After almost 20 years, they finally get involved in the same project again.

Other supporting actors involved in this series include Luthfi Aulia Candra, Laras Sardi, Jasmine Suratie, Maura Inry Gabrielle, and Joseph Kara.

Stay tuned for the series premiere two time loveexclusive only on Vidio!

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