Synopsis My Precious, new film by Nanon Korapat

My Precious is a remake of the Taiwanese film You are the Apple of My Eye, which was released in 2011.

Hello Cilers!

Who likes Nanon Korapat movies? After gaining a lot of attention from netizens by appearing in the series the gifted AND Blacklistnow Nanon is back with the features of a school teen movie with the title My precious.

My precious is a remake of the Taiwanese film titled you are the apple of my eye which was released in 2011 and became a box office movie in Taiwan at that time. Actually, the movie is inspired by a semi-autobiographical novel by a famous Taiwanese writer, Giddens Ko.

The novel was later published under the title “The Girl We Chased Together In Those Years”, later in 2012 the work of the novelist known under the pen name Jiu Ba Dao was published.redoes again in the Japanese version of the film with the same title as the Taiwanese film.

My precious is a romance-themed coming-of-age film that chronicles high school life as the beginning of a long and complicated journey toward romance.

The story is also interspersed with stories of friendship between close friends during school plus stories of delinquency and rebellion typical of school-age children. Curious about the full story? watch the synopsis My precious under this!

Synopsis My precious

After getting into trouble with his homeroom teacher, Tong (Nanon Korapat Kirdpan) sits across from Lin (Film Rachanun Mahawan), who is assigned to supervise him. At first the two resented the arrangement and fought a lot until an event changed the dynamics of their relationship.

Romance began to blossom between the two, but Tong did not have the courage to speak his heart out. With graduation fast approaching, can their romance survive when the distance separates them?

For Cilers, who is a fan of Thai romantic movies, especially Nanon, it is a good idea to look forward to this movie, because the My precious It will be released soon in Indonesian theaters.

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