Synopsis Burn the House Down, the new Japanese drama on Netflix

Burn the House Down tells of a revenge plan for the destruction of a family caused by the tragedy of a fire.

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Who likes Japanese dramas? So it’s perfect if you’re one of those who like Sakura Country dramas, because Netflix just released a Japanese drama titled burn down the house. The story itself is about a revenge mission.

burn down the house directed by Yuichiro Hirakawa and the story is an adaptation of a favorite manga in Japan titled “Mitaraike Enjo Suru”.

It seems that fans of Japanese dramas have been waiting for this series since 2021. burn down the house starring a famous young artist, namely Mei Nagano, who competed in acting with a senior artist, Suzuki Kyoka.

Intrigued by the story like what? watch the synopsis burn down the house under this!

Synopsis burn down the house

The story follows Anzu Murata (Mei Nagano), who has to disguise herself as a servant named Shizuka Yamauchi at her biological father’s new family home.

After the fire tragedy 13 years ago that caused her mother, Satsuki Murata (Michiko Kichise) to be accused of being the perpetrator, Anzu decided to find the truth and reclaim everything that belonged to her mother, which was taken by her own friend. , Makiko Mitarai (Kyoka Suzuki).

Anzu is assisted by his younger brother, Yuzu (Yuri Tsunematsu) and her friend, Claire (Kie Kitano) to gather evidence on the day of the incident. However, the plan is threatened with failure after Makiko’s eldest son, Kiichi Mitarai (Asuka Kudo), discovers his true identity.

So what about Anzu’s revenge plan, will it work? So, can Kiichi, who used to be Anzu’s friend, be invited to work together and cover up the secret meeting of Anzu’s true identity?

Player burn down the house

The following is a row of players and characters portrayed in Japanese dramas. Burn the house:

  • Mei Nagano as Shizuka Yamauchi/Anzu Murata
  • Kyoka Suzuki as Makiko Mitarai
  • Asuka Kudo as Kiichi Mitarai
  • Taishi Nakagawa as Shinji Mitarai
  • Yuri Tsunematsu as Yuzu Murata
  • Kie Kitano as Claire
  • Michiko Kichise as Satsuki Murata
  • Mitsuhiro Oikawa as Osamu Mitarai

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