Susuk Trailer Preview, Highlights The Horrifying Effects Of Using Susuk

Visinema presents a horror film titled Susuk: The Curse of Beauty, a collaboration with Visionari Capital, which is produced by GoodWork.

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Visinema is back with a new horror film titled Susuk: The Curse of Beautya collaboration with Visionari Capital, which is produced by GoodWork.

Ginanti Rona, a director who previously managed to present horror films qorinwas appointed as the director of this film. Implant is produced by Ridla An-Nuur S. and Novi Hanabi, and Husein M. Atmodjo is serving as a screenwriter.

Movie Susuk: The Curse of Beauty just released a trailer which was streamed on Instagram @filmsusuk, it was announced that this film will be released in theaters on August 31st.

movie trailers Susuk: The Curse of Beauty it is 66 seconds long and performs the curse of beauty just as the film’s title does. Hana Malasan brings shades of beauty steeped in mystery and a series of terrifying events that await as what must be paid for that beauty.

“Susuk’s film is based on events that are close and often occur between us. In this teaser, the audience will see the horrors that implants cause. We hope that audiences can have a different viewing experience in the theater by watching Susuk’s film,” said Ridla as producer.

Next, one of the interesting things from the movie trailer. Susuk: The Curse of Beauty. Unlike other horror movies that are synonymous with the appearance of supernatural beings, this film presents an atmosphere of terror through the depiction of what happens as a result of a beauty curse.

Susuk: The Curse of Beauty starring the talented newcomer actress Hana Malasan (22 minutes, ben and jody). He will compete with Ersya Aurelia (assassins, six bars) & Jourdy Pranata (I thought you were at home, The devil’s slaves 2).

In addition to the three, a number of other talented actors will fill out the film’s cast. Susuk: The Curse of Beautysuch as Muhammad Khan, Elang El Gibran, Izabel Jahja, Whani Dharmawan and MN Qomaruddin.

Movie Susuk: The Curse of Beauty tells the story of Laras (Hana Malasan). He wants to quit his job as a prostitute and improve his relationship with his younger sister, Ayu (Ersya Aurelia).

However, an accident causes Laras to be rejected by death and remains trapped in death. Laras’ body continues to live, but her body begins to rot like a corpse. Accompanied by Arman (Jourdy Pranata), Ayu also looks for various ways to cure Laras.

Visiting Damar (Whani Dharmawan), a village chief who helped Laras and Ayu after the death of their parents, Ustad Rahmat (MN Qomaruddin), a religious leader who understands the effects of the implants which continue to worsen, asks Prasetyo (Muhamad Khan), a shaman, for help.

But it turns out that the implants in Laras’s body are no ordinary implants: Laras’s body is decaying and terrorizing Ayu, Arman, and even the villagers.

Movie Susuk: The Curse of Beauty It will air on August 31. Make sure you don’t miss it!

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